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FFA Quiz Bowl

Who was the first female elected as National FFA President and when?
Jan Eberly in 1982.
Who was the first female chosen as star farmer and when?
Karlene Lindow in 2002.
Who was the first African American elected to National FFA office and when?
Fred McClure in 1974.
Who was the first African American elected as National FFA President and when?
Corey Flourney in 1994.
Who was the first National FFA Advisor?
Charles Homer Lane
Who was the first Puerto Rican elected to National FFA office and when?
Jose Santiago in 1998.
Who was the first National FFA President and when was he elected?
Leslie Applegate in 1928.
Who was the first President to speak at National FFA convention and when?
President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953; he was given an honorary degree.
Who was the first female elected to National FFA office and when?
Julie Smiley in 1976.
Who started the Future Farmers of Virginia and when?
Henry C. Groseclose in 1925.
Who wrote the FFA creed and when?
E. M. Tiffany in 1930.
Who was the first Star Farmer of America and when was he chosen?
Carlton Patton in 1929.
Who was the first Puerto Rican elected as National FFA President and when?
Javier Moreno in 2003.
Who is the current National FFA President?
Riley Pagett
Who is the current National FFA Secretary?
Landan Schaffert
Where is the President stationsed?
By the rising sun.
Where is the Vice-President stationed?
By the plow.
Where is the Secretary stationed?
By the ear of corn.
Where is the Treasurer stationed?
By the emblem of Washington.
Where is the Reporter stationed?
By the flag.
Where is the Sentinel stationed?
By the door.
Where is the Advisor stationed?
By the owl.
What are the four types of SAE?
Placement, Exploratory, Entrepeneurship, and Research & Analysis.
Which two movies has the FFA jacket been seen in?
Napolean Dynamite and Charlotte's Web.
What are the six types of FFA degrees?
Discovery, Greenhand, Chapter, State, American, and Honorary.
What does the cross-section of corn on the FFA emblem mean?
What does the rising sun on the FFA emblem mean?
What does the plow on the FFA emblem mean?
Labor and tillage of the soil.
What does the eagle on the FFA emblem mean?
What does the owl on the FFA emblem mean?
What do the words "Agricultural Education" and "FFA" on the FFA emblem mean?
The combination of learning and leadership.
What is the FFA salute?
The pledge of allegiance.
What are the FFA colors and when were they selected?
National blue, for the fields of our nation's flag, and corn gold, for the golden fields of ripe corn. Established in 1929.
What are the four levels of FFA membership?
Honorary, active, alumni, and collegiate.
What are the three components of the FFA mission?
Premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.
What is the FFA motto?
Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve.
What are the three parts of agricultural education programs?
Instruction, SAE, and FFA.
What does SAE stand for?
Supervised Agricultural Experience.
What is the official dress for a female?
FFA jacket; zipped to the top, black skirt; knee length, white-collared shirt, official blue scarf, close-toed black shoes and black hosiery.
What is the official dress for a male?
FFA jacket; zipped to the top, black slacks, white-collared shirt, black tie, black shoes, and black socks.
Where was the NFA founded?
At the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.
What were the official colors of the NFA?
Black and gold.
What does NFA stand for?
New Farmers of America.
What was the difference between he FFA emblem and the NFA emblem?
The cross-section of corn on the FFA emblem was a ball of cotton on the NFA emblem.
Why was the NFA founded?
To serve African American boys enrolled in vocational agriculture classes in segregated schools.
What was the official dress of the NFA?
Black corduroy jacket with gold accents.
EDGE Confrence
Experiencing Discovery, Growth, and Excellence for middle school FFA members.
MFA Confrence
Made For Excellences Confrence.
ALD Confrence
Advanced Leadership Developement Confrence.
WLC Confrence
Washington Leadership Confrence.
PALS and when?
Partners in Active Learning Support in 1990.
Who wrote the FFA motto?
Charles Homer Lane
What was the Smith-Hughes National Vocation Education Act and when was it established?
Established in 1917, it provided federal funding to high schools with vocational education classes.
What was the first national contest, where & when was it held, and who sponsored it?
The first national live stock judging contest was held in Kansas City, MO in 1926. It was sponsored by the Farm Journal.
By who, when and where was the FFA established?
In 1928 by H. O. Sargent at the Baltimore Hotel in Kansas City, MO.
Where was the first National FFA Convention held, and when?
In Kansas City, MO in 1928.
What was the initial cost of dues in 1928?
Ten cents.
When was the first offical manual written?
What was the first official dress and when was it adopted?
Adopted in 1930, the first official dress was dark blue shirt, blue/white pants, blue cap, and yellow tie.
When was the blue corduroy jacket adopted?
By who and when was the NFA founded?
In 1935 by George Washington Owens and H.O. Sargent.
When was the Natioanl Leadership Training School formed?
When adn where was land purchased for the first FFA-owned national headquarter?
Land was purchased in Alexandria, VA in 1939.
What is the FFA Foundation adn when was it formed?
The FFA Foundation was formed in D.C. in 1944 to provide funds from businesses and industries to assist with new programs.
When was FFA week established?
The National FFA Band was established when and was called what?
The National FFA Band was established in 1947, and since it was based off correspondance it was called the Mail Order Band.
When was the first National FFA Chorus established?
Which state was last accepted as a state association and when?
the RI FFA was accepted as a state association last, making FFA present in every state, in 1949.
Which President granted the FFA a federal charter and when?
President Truman in 1950.
What was the origianl name of the FFA magazine and when was the first issue printed?
the National Future Farmer in 1952.
When was the FFA's 25th anniversary and what was dedicated?
The 25th anniversary was in 1953, the U.S Postal Office dedicated a special stamp to celebrate.
When and where was the first National FFA center dedicated?
in 1959 in Alexandria, VA.
When was the first national leadership triaing conference held?
When did the NFA and FFA merge and why?
In 1965, because of the Civil Rights Act.
When was membership opened to girls?
When was the National FFA Alumni established?
When were official dress standards created? when were they revised?
Established in 1973. Revised in 2002.
When did President Gerald Ford speak?
When was the Food for America program launched?
When was the first FFA handbook published?
Which was the last of the 50 states to obtain an FFA National Charter and when?
Alaska in 1976.
When was the first FFA TV public service announcement broadcasted?
When was the first National TV satellite broadcast of the National FFA Convention?
When and to what did the Future Farmers of America change their name?
in 1988 to the National FFA Organization.
When was the Agriscience Student Recognition program developed?
When and t what did the National Future Farmer Magazine change its name?
in 1989 to FFA New Horizons.
When was the first H. O. Sargent award presented?
When was www.ffa.org launched?
Where and when was the National FFA Center moved?
1998 to Indianapolis, Indiana.
When was the National Convention held in Louisville, Kentucky?
When was the 75th anniversary and what was done to celebrate?
In 2002 the time capsule from the 50th anniversary was opened.
When was the "Only Blue, Will Do!" campaign launched and what was its purpous?
in 2003, to restore the FFA jacket to its original colors.
What and when was the Seed of Hope Campaign?
The seeds of hope campaign was launched in 2005, to develop funds for FFA members, chapters, and ag. ed. facilities that were destroyed by Hurrican Katrina. IT raised 528,000.