15 terms

history chapter 10 10.1-10.2

Invented the cotton gin
Eli Whitney
Two crops that were important to the economy in the south
cotton, tobacco
People who spent time trying to outlaw slavery
The system of escape routes and hiding places for slaves
underground railroad
Famous leader of the underground railroad
Harriet Tubman
A decision to try to satisfy both sides of an argument
Established the conditions in which states would enter the Union a slave states or free states
Missouri Compromise
Lincoln had a successful career as a
Lincoln was our ----President
The southern states that left the Union were called
The Confederate States of America
President of the confederacy
Jefferson Davis
First battle of the Civil War was at
Fort Sumpter in 1861
Unions ironclad ship
General who was commander of a Union armies in 1864
Ulysses Grant
An immediate result of the Emancipation Proclamation
slaves were freed