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Oxygen and sugars

Photosynthesis uses sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into what final products?


The stroma is a think fluid within the inner membrane of a chloroplast that surrounds.

In the Thylakoid

Where in the chloroplast is chlorophyll found?

Does not absorb green light

Most plants appear greeen because the pigment chlorophyll...


A student is collection the gas given off form a plant in bright sunlight at a temperature of 27 degrees C. The gas being collected is probably what?

oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ATP

What are the products of the light reactions


plants father the sun's energy with light-absorbing molecules called?

Atp and NADPH are used to prduce sugar

Which of the following is NOT a step in the light reactions

Stack of thylakoids

a granum is a?

in the thylakoid membranes

where do the light reactions take place?

No sugars will be produced

If CO2 is removed from a plant's environment, what would you expect to happen to the plant's production of sugars?


which region of the visible spectrum is not absorbed will by chlorophyll?


Plants take in energy by absorbing?


what is a product of the Calvin cycle?


region where two sister chromatids are joined tightly together

Sister chromatids

one of a pair of identical chromosomes created before a cell divides

Prophase and metaphase

During which phase of mitosis are structures of sister chromatids present?

the cell carries out normal metabolic processes

Which event occurs during interphase?

Chromosomes become monovalent during anaphase

What is a correct statement about the events of the cell cycle?


During which phase of mitosis do the chromsosomes line up along the middle of the dividing cell?

Haploid cells

Unlike mitosis, meiosis results in the fromation of what?


The first phase of mitosis is called what?

Four genetcally different cells

Unlike mitosis, meiosis USUALLY results in the fromation of what?


Gametes are produced by the process of what?


How many chromosomes are shown in a normal human Karyotype?

an extra chromosome

What can be obseved in a karyotype?

a pedigree

Shows how a trait is passed from one generation to the next, determines whether a trait is inherited, and determines whether an allele is dominant or recessive

The X chromosome only

The sex-linked allele for colorblindness is located on what?


As a women ages, the liklihood of having a baby with Down syndrome...


If a women who is a carrier of a sex-linked trait married a man with the trait, the chance that a child would have the trait would be what?

Gregor Mendel

Who concluded that traits are inherited through the passing of factors from parents to offspring?

The mice died

What did Griffth observe when he injected a mixture of heat-killed, disease-causing bacteria and live harmelss bacteria into mice.


Avery's experiments showed that bacteria are transformed by what?

Deoxyribose+ phosphate group+ cytosine

Which of the following is a nucleotide found in DNA?

Each with one new strand and on original strand

DNA replication results in two DNA molecules..


During DNA replication, a DNA strand taht has the bases CTAGGT produces a strand with the bases.

The cell uses information from mRNA to produce proteins

What happens during the process of translation?


How many codons are needed to specify three amino acids

RNA molecuels

What is proced during transcription?

In South America

During his voage on the Beagle, where did Charles Darwin make observations?

Somewhat similar species to those on the mainland, with traits that suited their particular environments

On the Galapagos Islands, Charles Darwin observed what?

Bids' different- shaped beaks

the species of finches that Charels Darwin found on the Galapags Island displayed different structural adaptations. One of the adaptaions that Darwin noted was what?

Gradual gelological events in the past could explain the physical features of today's Earth.

In the 1800s, Charles Lyell emphasized that..

a common ancestor

The number and location of bones of many fossil vertebrates are similar to those in living ones. Most biologists would probably explain this fact on the basis of what?

Artificial selection

When a framer breeds only his or her best livestock, the process invlved is called?

Possession of inherited adaptations that are well-suited to the environment.

According to Darwin's theory of natural selection, certain individuals will leace more offspring on average that do other individuals. their survial is due to what?

Contribute to the gene pool of the next generation

Biological fitness is the ablitity of the idividual to do what?

Vestigial structures

In whales the pelvis and femur are called what?

Populations grow faster than the rate at which resources do.

What did the economist Thomas Malthus suggest?

Genetic drift

A change in the gene pool of a population due to chance is called what?

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