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Middle Ages

the era in European history that followed the fall of the Roman Empire, lasting from about 500 to 1500- also called the medieval period.


a Germanic people who settled in the Roman province of Gaul (roughly the area now occupied by France) and established a great empire during the Middle Ages.


a religious community of men (called monks) who have given up thier possessions to devote themselves to a life of prayer and worship.


Adjective concerned with worldly rather than spiritual matters.


a series of rulers from a single family


the family that ruled the powerful Frank dynasty from 751 to 987.


Pepin the Short's son; ruled the kingdom and brought to greatest heights.


In feudal Europe. a person who controlled land and could therefore grant estates to vassals.


an estate granted to a vassal by a lord under the feudal system in medieval Europe.


in feudal Europe, a person who recieved a grant of land from a lord in exchange for a pledhe of loyalty and services.


in medieval Europe, an armored warrior who fought on horseback.


a medieval peasant legally bound to live on a lord's estates.


a lord's estate in feudal Europe.


a family's payment of one-tenth of its income to a church

manor house

dwelling place of the lord and his family and servants.

village church

site of religious services and public meetings.

peasants cottages

where the peasants lived.

Lord's Desme

fields owned by the lord and worked by the peasants.

Peasant Crofts

gardens that belonged to the peasants.


water powered mill for grinding grain.

Common pastures

common area for grazing animals.


forests provided wood for fuel.

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