24 terms

Government The Executive Branch

qualifications for the president
natural born U.S citizen, at least 35 years of age, resident of the U.S for 14 years
qualifications for the vice president
same as president qualifications
informal qualities for the president
experience in government, political alliances (mainly former senators and governors), money
how long is a presidents term
four years
how many terms can a president be in office based on the 22 amendment
two years
how much does the president make a year
how much does the president receive a year for travel allowance
personal qualities of a president
come from middle class, white male (times are changing)
who nominates the vice president
if the president dies who takes over
vice president
presidential succession
vice president, speaker of the house, president pro tempore of senate, secretary of senate
what is the presidential disability
vice president assumes duties if president cannot perform them
two duties of vice president
serves as president of senate and votes in event of a tie, assumes duties of president if needed
what duties can the president assign to the vice president
represent president overseas, attend ceremonial functions, serving diplomatic role, visit with heads of senate, serve on security council
commander in chief
presidents can back up their foreign-policy decisions with military force when needed
commander in chief examples
power to make war, responsible for key military decisions
head of state
the president represents the nation and performs many ceremonial roles
head of state examples
lighting national christmas tree, giving awards and medals, hosts queen/king
chief diplomat
the president directs the foreign policy of the united states, making key decisions about the relations the united states has with other countries in the world
chief diplomat examples
makes treaties, makes executive government agreements
chief executive
the president sees that the laws of congress are carried out
chief executive examples
appoints all federal judges and justices of the supreme court, controls money, makes final decisions
chief legislator
the president describes a legislative program in the annual state of the union message to congress which calls attention to the president's ideas about how to solve key problems facing the country
chief legislator examples
hand out political favors, veto power, make/propose own bills