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Chapter 7 voab

bought by Sec. Of state William Seward from Russia for 7.2 million $ in 1867
Imposing a nation's power over other lands because of economic, military, nationalism and cultural superiority for gain.
love for one's country; a sign of a nation's strength
Social Darwinism
When nations compete against one another only the fittest would survive. (cultural supiriority)
(James) Cook
brought Hawaii to the attention of the world.
The reason that people wanted Hawaii, for control over the ____
Bayonet Constitution
reduced the kings power, gave Hawaiians and gave US Pearl Harbor.
removed from power by US marines under orders by ambassador John Stevens
(John L.) Stevens
The American minister to Hawaii and ordered US marines to go ashore and declared an end to the monarchy.
(Sanford) Dole
New president of Hawaii
(Grover) Cleveland
put the treaty on hold and ordered an investigation. Proposed restoring Liliuokalai to her throne but Dole refused to step down.
(William) McKinley
favored annexation and congress voted so in 1898 Hawaii became an American territory.
Spheres of Influence
geographic area where an outside nation exerts special econamic or political control.
Open Door Policy
Porposed by Sec of state John Hay. So that US could still trade with China. Gave all nations equal trading rights.
Boxer Rebellion
20,000 forigen troops crushed Chinese nationalists who opposed the forigeners: Japan. US navy commander signed treaty of friendship. Ended by foreign countries.
(Matthew) Perry
brought a fleet of ships to Edo Bay, Japan. Where they had never seen steamships before. It brought on modernization.
Russo-Japanese War
ended with the treaty of Portsmouth and the help of TR.
Great White Fleet
Sent by TR around the world to show of the new modern US navy.
(Frederic) Remington
Was sent to draw war scenes in Cuba
(William Randolph) Hearst
sent Remington and said that if Remington draw the pictures he would "provide the war" practiced yellow journalism
(Jose) Marti
urged Cubans to fight for their freedom from the US (Cuban exile living in the US)
Yellow Journalism
sensationalist reporting ex: New York Journal, New York World.
(USS) Maine
sent to protect American lives and property but it blew up. "Remember the Maine" was the cry for supporters of the war.
(George) Dewey
of US Navy, received word from naval sec TR that if war broke out to attack the Spanish fleet in the Philippines. Attacked the Spanish fleet once the war started. Not a single US live was lost.
(Battle of) Manila Bay
US Navy destroyed all Spanish ships, not one American died.
(Emilio) Aguinaldo
fought for independence. Army captured Manila and surrounded Dewey's fleet. Phillipeno captured by US.
Buffalo Soldiers
African American Soldiers (on buffalo)
Rough Riders
US army volunteers organized by TR; functioned as foot soldiers. Fought in Spanish American war.
(Battle of) San Juan Hill
brought the US to control the ridge above Santiago.
(Battle of) Santiago
costed $250 mill
Yellow fever
eliminated from Havana, Cuba by William and Walter Reed.
Teller (Amendment)
declared that we would not annex Cuba
Platt (Amendment)
limited Cuba's ability to sign treaties with other nations. The US got the right to intervene in Cuban affairs and required Cuba to sell or lease land to the US.
Foraker (Act)
Gave the US the right to appoint Porter Rico's governor and upper house legislature.
tried to build the Panama canal but went bankrupt
Panama Canal
US bought rights to the property and equipment.
Roosevelt Corollary
Added to the Monroe Doctrine that: the US may use force against people in the western hemisphere's chronic wrongdoing.
Dollar Diplomacy
using economic power against other countries.
Moral Diplomacy
using persuation it influence people (failed)
Mexican Revolution
Diaz was corrupt and there were many uprisings trying to remove him from power.
Tampico (Incident)
USS Dolphin went ashore for supplies and the crew was arrested. Later they were released and apologized. US refused apology.
(Battle of) Vera Cruz
US was trying to seize the city to protect it from Germany but the Mexicans rebelled.
(Pancho) Villa
Led hundreds of troops to Columbus, New Mexico struck at dawn burning the town down and killing 17 Americans.
(John J.) Pershing
led more than 10,000 US troops into Mexico to find Villa, they searched for 11 month but couldn't capture him. Was withdrawn by Willson.