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Do yo know everthing about Brawl?vTEST IT!


This boy uses PK attacs , and a JOJO


This character attacs are based on a force called aura

Mario Finale

_______ is Mario's Final Smash attack.

Smash Ball

This item gives you the powerfull force to start a final smash attack.

Final Destination

________ is the final stage in the Classic mode.


Ike uses the power of?


Can take the form of sheik


Big fat Koopa who spits fire.


is not part of this game.


can transform in his final smash into Super Sonic.

All Star Mode

Hardest mode in the game


Whos the most powerfull attack wich is a final smash

The Subspace Emissary

is the adventure mode

Hitting sandbags

You_____in the Homerun contest.


If you play with friends you start a______.

Meta Knight

's relationship to Kirby is not clear.

Negative Zone

is Luigi's Final Smash


is an red white item


owns the force PK Freeze


appaer after mario's upward special move.

Shadow the Hedgoge

has the same effect as the timer.


means in Brawl live.

The playmode Super Brawl

does not exist.

Fox Wolf and Falco

belong all to the Star Fox series.


is also known as Mr Green Guy

Triforce Slash

is Link's Final Smash attack.

Master Hand

Final Boss in the Classicmode

_____ owns a only character a red snake.



Mario's opposite

Super Wario Man

Wario's Final Smash Attack

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