Physiology exam 4

The innate immune system possesses ____ which break down/digest pathogens
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where the pulmonary semilunar valve damaged such that it allowed blood to flow backwards, where would it go?right ventriclewere the left atrioventricular valve damaged such that it allowed blood to flow backward where would blood gothe left atriummuscle cells tat receive an action potential through gap junction and have their contractile proteins arranged in sarcomeres arecardiac contractile muscle cellsThe AV mode is important because itconducts action potentials received from the SA node to the bottom of the would expect to find a _________ capillary network in tendonsthe innate immune system possesses _______ which breakdown/digest pathogensLysozymest-cells mature in theThymusthe polarization of the pacemaker action potential spreads from cell to cell throughgap junctionsfor a lymphocyte to respond to an antigen, the antigen mustbind to specific receptors on the lymphocyte membranewhich acts as first line of defense against pathogensskinautorhythmic cellsare also called peacemakers because they set the rate of the heartbeatbarriers are considered part of the _________ immune systeminnate_________ cells enable the immune system to respond more quickly if the same antigen is encountered a second timememorywhich of the following is INCORRECT about the events occurring at threshold in cardiac autorhythmic cellsthe cell hyper polarizesthe human immune system can be broadly divided into two types of....innate; acquired/adaptiveThe cells responsible for the production of circulating antibodies arePlasma B cellsA person with type B blood hastype B antigens on their red blood cellsa person's blood type is determined by thepresence or absence of specific protein molecules on their cell membranewhich region of the antibody determines its classconstant regionWhich acurately describes the difference between bacteria and virusesbacteria are independent cells with DNA that can survive and reproduce outside a host. Viruses are not cells , but rather are small pieces of DNA or RNA enclosed in a protein coat. Viruses can only survive and reproduce inside a host cell. Bacteria are susceptible to antibiotics. viruses are treated with antiviral drugs.What do opsonins doMake it easier for phagocytes to destroy pathogens.contractile cellsWould expect to find a ___ capillary network in muscle tissuedense****when leukocytes recognize molecules that are unique to pathogens...internal innate immunitythere are multiple types of vaccines but they all aim tostimulate the adaptive/acquired immune system so that it is ready when it encounters the pathogensthe human immune system is complex and multilayered. Why do we all get sick from pathogens?as our immune system evolve new defenses, the pathogens evolve new ways to infect us.the adaptive immune system is _______ to respond to pathogens upon its first encounter with themslowtrue or false: your heart would continue to beat for a short period of time even if it were removed from your bodytruetrue or false: each muscle type we have discussed inn lecture (skeletal, cardiac, smooth) requires actin and myosin to carry out contractiontrueAntibiotics are drugs that destroy or inhibit the growth ofbacteriawhich of the following is FALSE regarding erythrocytesthey are small pieces if the cells that remain in the bone marrowThe purpose of valves in the cardiovascular system is toensure that blood flows in one direction