Ethics Exam 2

Right v Right Problem
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LegalismInability to imagine moral obligations beyond the lawMoral RelativismThe view that business is a gameScientismDecisions that are made by managers are so significant that we elevate them to the stature of what be considered science.Corporate Attribute SicknessAdministrators/higher-ups are a little removed and chose to hear what they wanted -> choosing not to knowSpeaking Truth to PowerNot expressing concerns to administrators/managers and wish you didEthical FadingOccurs when ethical aspects of a decision disappear from view If you bring attention to ethical aspects, it will affect your decision. If not then they will most likely go away and you wont have to adress themMoral DisengagementWhen people reorder our thinking/reality in order to make their own actions seem not as bad as they really arePower of DissentAll orgs need it -> successful orgs need disdainful decisions. If citizens are going to be secure, leaders must encourage skepticism.Incesuous AmplificationGroup think/ group polarization -> the extreme reinforcement of ideas and/or beliefes that occur when like-minded people communicate with each otherA corporate fear of too much truthSometimes there is only so much truth we can handle -> how does a corporation institualize honestly the way so many corporations institutionalized the suppression of it?