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  1. normalcy
  2. suffrage
  3. speakeasy
  4. rocket
  5. harlem renaissance
  1. a a missile, new to 1920s
  2. b the right to vote
  3. c the usual. after WW1, people wanted to return things to way they were before the war.
  4. d a place that sold alcohol illegally during the time of prohibition
  5. e the flourishing of arts and artists in harlem, new york. (especially african-american artists)

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  1. taking no sides
  2. president of the US during the WWI.
  3. the term given to communists, especially russians
  4. the system of government that forces equality and restricts freedom; scared many americans
  5. the law from 1920-1933 that made it illegal to sell, manufacture, and transport alcohol

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  1. flapperwomen in the 20s who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair and rebelled against the older generation


  2. pandemica disease which affects many people


  3. black migrationceasefire


  4. rumrunnerone who smuggles alcohol illegally


  5. anarchistone who believes in no government