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  1. prohibition
  2. neutral
  3. suffragette
  4. monkey trial
  5. aryan
  1. a the indo-european "race" hitler thought was supreme to all others.
  2. b taking no sides
  3. c a woman in the 1920s who marched for women's right to vote
  4. d the law from 1920-1933 that made it illegal to sell, manufacture, and transport alcohol
  5. e the 1925 trial in dayton, tennessee which tested the state law that evolutionism was banned in schools

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  1. one who illegally transports alcohol
  2. the right to vote
  3. the usual. after WW1, people wanted to return things to way they were before the war.
  4. the russian monarchist ruler
  5. Woodrow Wilson's idea of a group of nations, who would discuss rather than fight.

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  1. Woodrow Wilsonpresident of the US during the WWI.


  2. alliesBritain, France, Russia, US (Japan and Italy played a small part)


  3. armisticeceasefire


  4. redsthe term given to communists, especially russians


  5. rocketin the us, anyone who is not a us citizen