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  1. epidemic
  2. alien
  3. suffrage
  4. leisure time
  5. rocket
  1. a the right to vote
  2. b a disease which affects many people
  3. c free time
  4. d a missile, new to 1920s
  5. e in the us, anyone who is not a us citizen

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  1. the years after WW1, including the roaring twenties and ending before the great depression
  2. German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire.
  3. the term given to communists, especially russians
  4. one who illegally transports alcohol
  5. a place that sold alcohol illegally during the time of prohibition

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  1. suffragettethe right to vote


  2. neutraltaking no sides


  3. aryanthe indo-european "race" hitler thought was supreme to all others.


  4. influenzain the us, anyone who is not a us citizen


  5. communismone who smuggles alcohol illegally


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