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  1. influenza
  2. leisure time
  3. normalcy
  4. alien
  5. reds
  1. a the term given to communists, especially russians
  2. b in the us, anyone who is not a us citizen
  3. c a virus that became a pandemic in 1918
  4. d free time
  5. e the usual. after WW1, people wanted to return things to way they were before the war.

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  1. the flourishing of arts and artists in harlem, new york. (especially african-american artists)
  2. a woman in the 1920s who marched for women's right to vote
  3. German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire.
  4. the system of government that forces equality and restricts freedom; scared many americans
  5. Britain, France, Russia, US (Japan and Italy played a small part)

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  1. evolutionConduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.


  2. seditiondarwin's theory that people evolved from monkeys


  3. armisticeceasefire


  4. self-determinationto determine your own government by voting


  5. black migrationWoodrow Wilson's idea of a group of nations, who would discuss rather than fight.