What percentage of Americans are covered by employer based health plans?
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Uninsured women who become pregnant...can enroll into a plan under the NY State of Health Program, which is the marketplace for individuals and families created under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)Statutory Disability benefits for women....6 weeks for pregnancy & childbirth; 8 weeks following C-sectionNY State of Healththe marketplace for individuals and families created under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)Under the Changes in Household Exception...having a baby or adopting a child is a qualifying event to enter the Healthcare Marketplace outside the enrollment periodJuvenile Life InsuranceInsures the life of a childEndowment Life PoliciesInsure the life of an adult, usually a parent for the express benefit of a childFunds Invested in 529 Plans...are taxed BEFORE investment, when used to pay for qualified education expenses including collegeFunds Withdrawn from 529 Plans...are tax FREE, when used to pay for qualified education expenses including college529 Plans withdrawn for purposes other than qualified education...May be subject to income tax plus a 10% penaltyBegining January 1, 2018, NYS requires most employers to provide...Paid Family Leave for their employees. Paid Family Leave is different from Disability leave and the two benefits cannot be taken simultaneously.When do young drivers need to be added to their household auto insurance policy?When they move from an operators permit to a licenseWhen a teen was added to their parents policy, what was NYS' average increase in premium?53%What is NYS' minimum "compulsory insurance" requirement for liability?$25,000/$50,000/$10,000If you complete a Defensive Driver Course...NYS Insurance Law requires auto insurers to provide a DISCOUNTNew York Department of Motor Vehicles FS-6T (License Plate Surrender Receipt)Must be provided to an insurance carrier to cancel the insurance on a vehicleWhat is an FS-6TLicense plate surrender receiptWhat does the IIES Law require since June 2006Vehicle insurance ID cards contain an encrypted bar code to reduce the number of registrations issued with fraudulent proof of insuranceWhen are additional fees charged in NY by the Department of Motor Vehicles?When there is an accumulation of 6 or more points in an 18 month time period.When are children not allowed to be on their parents health insurance plans?Age 26Living in a dorm...Is covered under a parents homeowners insurance policy for liability and limited personal propertyISO Homeowners 3 Special FormMost widely used homeowners policy form