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How do sociologists study sexual behavior
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Social exchange model and its aspectsweighing cost and benefitsMain argument of deinstitutionalization of American marriagethe meaning of marriage has changeddeinstitutionalization of marriagethe weakening of the social norms that define people's behavior in a social institution such as marriageFour major changes that contributed to the deinstitutionalization of marriagerise off cohabitation, support of same-sex marriage, change in domestic labor, births outside of marriageCauses of decline of marriage according to regnerus cheap sex bookfinancial resources, sexual connections, the pill, sexual accessExplanation of the split and gender imbalanced mating market after the pillmating market is now one we no longer have to commit toMeaning of children as little monstershold evil, original sin at birdMeaning of children as natural innocentschild rearing should follow development of child's inner nature - treat with affectionMeaning of children as economic assetschildren have lower economic value and higher emotional valueassociation between sexual orientation of mothers and children playdaughter found to behave in a way that does not conform to sex-typed normsfindings of the article "Does the sexual orientation of parents matterdisadvantages experienced by children may be due to failed marriages rather than sexual orientation of parentsSignificant factors in the division of labor in different sex couplesgender, income, and work hoursDriving factors of lower level of satisfaction in relationships and house laborno communicationConflict Theorycontradictions and constraints that are created by social structuressymbolic interactionstates that social life is negotiated through interactionhow does social ambivalence arisethrough societystructurally created paradoxes that increase ambivalencecontradiction of being a mother and also independentMommy mystique explanation of American motherhood cultureoppressiveMommy mystiquethe life draining pressure for perfection that mothers cannot possibly achieve - false ideologyWhy is life difficult according to Mommy mystiquecontradictions and pressures to live up to extreme examples and lack of supportAssociation between maternal time and children developmental outcomesno significant associationsThree aspects of fatherhoodagency, structure and ideologymain argument of Wall and Arnold(2007) how involved is fathering articlefathers receive less attention than mothers, mothers voices were dominated, and masculine characteristics are often woven into what a father isCulture that was reproduced in Wall and Arnold(2007) how involved is fathering articleThe expectation that fathers share responsibilities of mothers is not part of the cultureTrends of gender equalitypushing towards more gender equality - more educated and higher paying womanExplanation gender gapoccupation selection, and motherhood penaltyHow does woman earning potential undermine the motherhood penaltyIt outweighs cultural preferences of woman needing to cut back on workrelationship between woman earnings and divorcerelationships are no longer at risk of divorceCondition that woman and men prefer egalitarian relationshipcondition 2 - egalitarian option is present