English Lit Semester 1 Final

What were the years of the Old English Period?
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How many years does Beowulf reign peacefully?50Who assists Beowulf in fighting the dragon?WiglafWhat will happen to those who didn't assist Beowulf in fighting?Disgraced and wish they were deadHow does Beowulf defeat the dragon?stabbing it in the flank with a knifeWhat happens after Beowulf's deathWiglaf becomes king and Beowulf gets built a tower tombCOMITATUSLoyaltyLOFFameWERGILDRevengeWYRDFateIn what language is Beowulf written?Old EnglishKenningA metaphoric compound word or phrase used as a synonym for a common nounCaesuraa strong pause within a line of verseAlliterationRepetition of initial consonant soundsEpiclong narrative poemelegya sad or mournful poemWhat is the Exeter Book?Largest collection of Old English poetryWhat kind of literature is found in the Exeter book?"The Wanderer" "The Seafarer"The Seafarerelderly seafarer reminisces about his life spent sailing on the open ocean, hardships of life on the sea, the beauty of nature, and his love of seafaring.,The end of the poem consists of a long meditation on God and the righteous path to heaven.The Wandererabout exile to an examination of what the experiences of both the exile and wise man teach them about lifeWhat message of the seafarer offer to Beowulf?meditation on God and the righteous path to heaven, focus less on this lifeWho was Geoffrey Chaucer?Father of English poetry, author of Canterbury TalesHow long is the Canterbury Tales?12,000 lines of poetryHow many Pilgrims are traveling on this trip?29Where are the pilgrims going?CanterburyWhen did the pilgrims leave on this journey?During springIn what language is The Canterbury Tales written?Middle Englishcharacteristics of beauty in the Middle AgesGap teeth, curly hair, wide forehead7 deadly sinslust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, prideWhat is the Pardoner's Tale about?The subject is "Money (greed) is the root of all evilWhen does the Pardoners Tale take place?Mid-14th century, Black DeathWho do the rioters meet along the way?A very poor old manWhat does the poor old man tell the 3 rioters?Pile of gold underneath a treeWhat do the three rioters set out to do?Catch and kill death,