Journalism Ch. 5-8

An editorial strategy of serving your audience as quickly as possible is called being a _______ organization.
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Which type of paywall allows more flexibility in what users can view without a subscription?Soft PaywallMedia outlets that existed before the Internet are called _______________.legacy mediaWhat is an editorial strategy of serving the audience as quickly as possible, or breaking news over digital media first?digital-firstA system that prevents Internet users from accessing webpage content without a paid subscription is a ______________..paywallThe depth of the involvement that a news customer has with a media product is called _________________.engagementWhat kind of news would you NOT be likely to see on a hyperlocal news site?international news______________ paywalls allow little to no access to content without subscription.Hard_______________ paywalls allow users to view a number of articles without subscribing.SoftDistributive justice is defined ashelping the least advantaged members of society_______ is defined as the norms a group or society follows or a universal code of conduct for everyone.MoralityMeyers' framework for ethical decision making starts with...keeping an open mindPrima facie means...common senseBrian Williams being removed from his NBC anchor position was a result of which?He said he was on a helicopter hit by ground fire during the invasion of Iraq.The Journalist's Creed was written by the dean of which school?Missouri School of JournalismWhich of these does the RTDNA code say journalists should do?Clearly label opinion and commentary, Guard against extended coverage of events, Refrain from contacting participants in violent situations while the situation is in progress, Identify sources whenever possibleWhich focuses on rules and duties?DeontologyWhich is NOT a perfect duty?Distributive justiceWhich professional organization has developed its own code of journalistic ethics?Radio Television Digital News Association, Society of Professional Journalists, National Press Photographers Association__________________ is a kind of intellectual theft, in which one passes off someone else's work and ideas as his own.PlagiarismMeyers divides duties into two categories. What are they?Perfect and imperfectFidelity is defined askeeping your promisesReparation is defined asmaking up for harm you've caused othersNonmaleficience is defined asavoiding causing harmWhich is NOT an imperfect duty?fidelityThis staff reporter for The New York Times committed frequent acts of journalistic fraud while covering news events.Jayson BlairWhich is NOT one of the main sections of the Society of Professional Journalists code?Be a watchdogWho was an influential British philosopher who developed a moral framework based on the idea that our intuition can tell us what our duties are?W.D. RossWhich of the following is among the key attributes of good journalism, accordi ng to The Journalist's Creed?Accuracy Truthfulness Fairness IndependenceMisappropriation is...the use of one's name or likeness for personal or commercial gain without consent or compensation.Government prohibition of speech in advance of publication is called...prior restraintThe first time that the Court invoked the First Amendment to prevent libel actions was in which case?New York Times v. SullivanWhich is not a protection in the First Amendment?Voting rightsWhich of these cases involves privacy issues?None of the aboveWhich was the historic case about flag burning as a form of free speech?Texas v. JohnsonThe crime of revolting or inciting revolt against government is called ___________.seditionAny intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person's reputation; decreases the respect, regard or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging hostile or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person is called ______________.defamationWritten or broadcast defamation is called ___________.libelIntentionally intruding, physically or otherwise, upon another person's seclusion or solitude or another person's private affairs is called ____________.intrusionPublication of information about someone's personal life that is not of legitimate public interest and that would be offensive to a reasonable person is called ___________.publication of private factsGiving publicity to a matter concerning another person that portrays him or her falsely if that portrayal would be highly offensive to a reasonable person is called ____________.false lightNew York Times v. Sullivan arose from ad in the New York TimesWhich of the following statements are true of New York Times v. Sullivan?It was one of the most important free speech decisions by the Supreme Court, It was as much a civil rights case as a libel case, The ad had some minor errors.What important statements did the Supreme Court make in New York Times v. Sullivan?Debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust and wide-open, Debate may include vehement and sharp attacks on government and public officials, Erroneous statement is inevitable in free debateIn what case was the concept of "actual malice" established?None of the aboveIn what famous case did the Supreme Court rule that a court order instituting a "prior restraint" on news stories on the Pentagon Paper was unconstitutional?New York Times v. U.S.Which of the following statements is NOT true of the First Amendment?It gives journalists protection from prosecution if they break the law to get a story.Why did the Supreme Court rule that the First Amendment protected Rev. Fred Phelps' hateful speech?Phelps' protest signs were on public land, The speech, even though offensive to many, was on a matter of public interest, The protesters stayed away from the actual funeral serviceWhich of the following is NOT one of the categories of violations of the right of privacy?libelA reporter's ability to completely detach from an issue he or she is covering is called...objectivity___________ means that news organizations favor certain kinds of news topics and presentations over others.Structural biasMichael Hastings worked for what news publication when he wrote "The Runaway General?"Rolling Stone MagazineStructural biases in reporting the news include...bad news visual fairnessThe editor who questioned whether journalists should challenge false statements made by lawmakers worked for...The New York TimesThe practice of allowing journalists to pursue truth with loyalty only to citizens is...independenceWhy did Edward Snowden leak to journalists?So highly sensitive information could be filtered out, So the information would be submitted to the verification process, To enhance his credibility.What type of bias is driven on a deadline?ExpediencyWhat was the common theme of the responses to the Brisbane question about journalists challenging false statements?Disgust with the notion that reporting that points out lies somehow offends the unwritten rule of "objectivity."Which of these is NOT one of the nine structural biases in the news, as listed by journalism scholar Andrew Cline?ethnocentrism