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Five Separate Lines of Evidence that Support the Theory of Evolution

1.) Fossil Record
the ordered array in which fossils appear within layers of sedimentary rocks
2.) Comparative Anatomy
comparison of body structures in different species, which give signs of common descent
convergent evolution
when two different species have adaptations for a common environment, giving them analogous structures (structures that look & function the same way, but have different genetic makeup)
divergent evolution
when you have a common ancestor and different adaptations in different environments leads to new species, but homologous structures (features that often have different functions but are structurally similar because of common ancestry)
3.) Biogeography
the geographical distribution of species
4.) Comparative Embryology
the comparison of early stages of development
the greater number of protein (amino acid sequence) similarity between species, the more likely they share a common ancestor, more closely related
5.) Comparative Molecular Biology
anatomy on the molecular level