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The _____ are dependent on others and at risk for illness and injury.
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Becky is 70 years old and has Alzheimer's disease. She requires full-time care, does not recognize her family members, and cannot communicate well. Which stage is she in?4Which statement is TRUE about late adulthood and emotions?Those in late adulthood who suffer from neurocognitive issues may have dysregulated emotions.Researchers have found that it is possible to improve almost any specific cognitive ability in the young-old classification (65-75 years old) if:the training process is targeted to the individual's motivation and abilities.Erik Erikson was interested in the _____ of the elderly.perspectiveOne research study described in the text had older adults play a video game for 20 hours to see whether training could improve their:control proccesesThe largest group of older adults is the:young-old.Individuals in which age group were MOST likely to have been a victim of a violent crime between 2005 and 2014?18-24Women in the United States _____ than men.live 5 yrs longerFalls have been identified as a serious concern for elderly populations mainly because they:often lead to immobility...Advocates who have suggested that designers and engineers should create more universal designs have posed all of the following questions EXCEPT:Why is the softness of textiles important?What percentage of those over age 65 can see well without eyeglasses?10The complete information-processing approach of cognition in late adulthood can be BEST described as consisting of:sensing, memory, control processes, and output.Margot just told her granddaughter that the government is enforcing new education laws but she is unable to recall where she received the information. Margot is demonstrating:source amnesiaA common type of difficulty that older adults have due to brain shrinkage is that it interferes with:ability to multitask_____ affects parts of the brain that regulate emotions, personality, and social behaviors.Frontal lobe damageAlzheimer's disease is characterized by:multiple plaques and tangles especially in the hippocampus.Maslow believed that as people got older they were more likely to:reach self-actualization.Which of the following has been created to assist with the cognitive gains of older adults, although they do not exist in every nation?Universities for 3rd ageIndividuals who engage in a profession such as being a professional athlete are more likely to have repeated injuries over the course of their life. Which theory BEST explains how this individual ages based on years of physical activity?wear and tearThe current average life expectancy worldwide for women is:73The National Center for Health Statistics released a finding that approximately _____ percent of those over the age of 64 were diagnosed with cancer in the United States in 2015.18The compression of morbidity is:accomplished by postponing illness.A major threat to elderly cognition and learning is:stereotype threatOne type of memory that older adults seem to compensate for is:prospective memoryApproximately 3 percent of all neurocognitive disorders are diagnosed as:parkinsons diseaseAn autopsy that finds massive plaques and tangles indicates that the individual had Alzheimer's disease. Which statement BEST explains this phenomenon?Cognitive reserve enables some people to bypass the disconnections caused by plaques.Wisdom:term-35decreases for some individuals with age.Walter is 89 years old. He is deeply spiritual, has a surprising sense of humor, cares deeply about his family and community, and loves to spend time painting and writing. Maslow would likely describe Walter as:self-actualized.Which age group is increasing more rapidly than any other?80+Hayflick believes that aging is inevitable because:eventually the telomere is gone and cell duplication ceases.What percentage of women over the age of 80 are in an intimate relationship and have had sexual intercourse in the past year?40When researchers used the "grounded theory" method to study sexual activity in the elder population, they found that:more respondents said their sex life had improved than said it had deteriorated.What is the relationship between primary aging and disease?Primary aging makes disease more likely.Relying on prior knowledge and general principles in decision making is considered a problem in which step of information processing?control processes_____ is the basic element of "g" that is expected to underlie all other aspects of intelligence.Processing speedA type of dementia that begins with impairments in motor control but not impaired thinking is:parkinsons diseaseWith _____, symptoms may vanish quickly and go unnoticed.transient ischemic attacksWhat did Erik Erikson call the people he interviewed who were in their 90s to reflect their awareness of the interdependence of the generations and the human experience?social witnessWhich statement about the life review is FALSE?Nostalgia represents a preoccupation with self that is meaningless and is evidence of egocentrism.Which statement regarding wisdom is TRUE?Humor, perspective, and altruism increase over the decades.The _____ suffer from notable losses in body, mind, or social support, although they still have some strengths as well.old-oldGerontologists have distinguished the _____ group as the largest group of older adults who are healthy, active, independent, and financially secure.young-oldThe oldest possible age that members of a particular species can attain is called:max life spanA five-nation study found that _____ was associated with greater happiness in long-lasting romantic partnerships.kissing & huggingAbout 1 percent of those in their 70s and 10 percent of those in their 90s have:glaucomaApproximately _____ of individuals in their 70s have been diagnosed with glaucoma.1Which statement about the problem-solving abilities of people in late adulthood is TRUE?People in late adulthood are more likely to use more areas of their brains than younger people._____ is the ability to remember to do something in the future.prospective memoryThe first step in information processing is:inputNeurocognitive impairment is characterized by:mental confusion and forgetfulness.The result of repeated TIAs is:vascular dementia.Wisdom seems to reflect:an understanding of lifeCardiovascular disease is considered secondary aging because:it is caused by health habits, genes, and other factors that vary from person to person.Ageism is a form of prejudice in which people:categorize and judge older adults on the basis of their chronological ageThe creation of settings and equipment that can be used by everyone, whether or not they are able-bodied and sensory-acute, is referred to as:universal designOne study found that _____ percent of older drivers rated their driving as good or excellent.85A progressive deterioration of the retina with the potential to cause blindness is known as:macular degeneration.Ecological validity is:a consideration of subjective variables.Which would be an example of prospective memory?remembering to pay the annual car registration fee that will come due in a few monthsIn their study of 26 nations, Lockenhoff et al. (2009) found that wisdom is a characteristic associated with:the elderly.Wisdom is increased by:experiencesWhich statement is TRUE?The rate of decline in neurocognitive disorders can be treated.Presently, children outnumber elders worldwide by:3-1The accumulated consequences and effects of engaging with people and society is referred to as:secondary agingAccording to the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (2017) approximately _____ percent of individuals over the age of 65 report difficulty hearing.39If a nursing home's staff wants to slow down the impairment of cognitive functions in the residents, what is the MOST important variable they should address?exercise opportunitiesThe control processes of one's information-processing system depend on activity in the:cerebellumThe second most common cause of neurocognitive disorder is:strokeMaria, age 70, is a self-actualized, gifted artist. In addition to her increased spirituality, Maslow would say that Maria is more likely to:find life more amusing