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  1. aesthetic
  2. exposition
  3. condescending
  4. grotesque
  5. irreverent
  1. a the information needed to understand a story, includes background info and character descriptions
  2. b appreciative of or responsive to what is beautiful
  3. c disrespectful
  4. d lowering oneself to a level considered less dignified
  5. e excessive, or strikingly odd

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  1. a smug satisfaction with one's self
  2. actual outcome is different from expected outcome
  3. stylish or fashionable
  4. marked by violence
  5. dead or broken

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  1. pompmagnificent display


  2. dramatic ironythe reader or certain characters are aware of something unknown to another character and this lack of knowledge affects words or actions of that character


  3. disconcertingupsetting


  4. panderone who acts as a go between in sexual intrigues


  5. peremptorymagnificent display