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  1. Battle of Britain
  2. Neville Chamberlain
  3. Lend-Lease Act
  4. Benito Mussolini
  5. Battle of Bulge
  1. a This battle signaled the final phase of the war in Europe.
  2. b dictator of Italy
  3. c an aerial battle fought in World War II in 1940 between the German Luftwaffe (air force), and the British Royal Air Force
  4. d British statesman who as Prime Minister pursued a policy of appeasement toward fascist Germany (1869-1940)
  5. e This was USA's way of assisting Great Britain at the beginning of WWII by allowing GB to borrow items then needed for War.

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  1. a military draft
  2. Unsuccessful German attack during World War II from 1942 to 1943, that was the furthest extent of German advance into the Soviet Union.
  3. Hitler and Stalin agreed that Germany and Russia would not attack each other. They also agreed to trade goods and that Germany would invade Poland and spilt it with Russia
  4. French general and statesman who became very popular during World War II as the leader of the Free French forces in exile (1890-1970)
  5. Hitler invaded Poland on Sept 1, 1939

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  1. FDRthe President of the United States during the Depression and WWII.


  2. Joseph StalinPrime minister of Japan during World War II


  3. cash and carrythe political party founded in Germany in 1919 and brought to power by Hitler in 1933


  4. Winston Chruchilla military draft


  5. George PattonArmy Chief of Staff during WWII; Sec. of State under Truman; Only professional soldier to receive the Nobel Peace Prize