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PMT allows you to determine a monthly payment for a loan


Cell protection is portions of a workbook that lets you show only the parts of the workbook that the user needs to see


The formula checker checks the formulas in a workbook in a manner similar to the way the spell checker checks for misspelled words.


Table is also called a database


Fields are data items that make up a record


A calculated column is a worksheet


Templates are special workbooks used to create a pattern


Business do not use templates ever.


Workbooks always have only two pages


A consolidation is the process of summarizing data included on multiple worksheets on one worksheet.


An alternative to a one-input table is a two-input table


A name assigned to a cell or cell range on one worksheet ina workbook cannot be used on other sheets in the same workbook to referenc ethe named cell or range.

False, they can

Excel does not allow you to format cells before you enter the values

False, it does

The HLOOKUP function is used when the table direction is vertical or down the worksheet


Conditional formatting allows you to create rules that change the formatting of a cell or rang eof cells based on teh value of a cell


The design tab on the ribbon provides powerful commands that allow you to alter the appearance and contents of a table quickly


When you select a template from the New Workbook or New dialog box to create a new workbook, Excel names the new workbook using the template name with an apppended digit 1


A workbook contains two worksheets by default


The number of worksheets you can have in a workbook is limited onlly by the amount of memory in your computer


Excel copies page setup characteristics when one sheet is copied to another

False, it does not.

To bold the Entire Worksheet, You click Orientation on the Page layout Tab.


You can Color a Cell by clicking the Fill button on the Reference Tab.


You can Center and Merge cells in an Excel worksheet.


To apply the title format to a cell it under cell style on the home tab.


Double clicka cell to adjust the font of text to fit in the cell


You can color the sheet tabs by the fill button on the home tab


Applying a border you can choose a medium or small line


=if(g3<=$e$3, PV($e$4), 0) is the PV function


After entering in a formula in any cell press the enter key to enter data.


The formula for entering a date is =0date


You can hide rows, columns, and sheets that contain sensitive data


Data is in descending sequence if it is sorted from A to Z


You can set up a criteria range and use it to manipulate records


Excel has 13 database functions


You can have multiple worksheets in Excel.


You can add text boxes to graphs using the shapes button


A header is printed at the top of every page in a printout


Cell protection does not ensure that users do not change values


An amortization schedule shows the beginning and ending balances of a loan


The process of filtering activity based on one or more filter criteria is called a query.


The ____ checks forulas in a workbook in a manner similar to the way the spell checker checks for misspelled words

Formula checker

A field, or column, that contains formulas or functions is called a ____.

Calculated column

Data that is related to a person is called____.


Data items that make up a record are called____.


A table is also known as a ___.


____ ensures that the data you enter into a cell or range of cells is within limits.

Data limiter

The process of summarizing data included on multiple worksheets on one worksheet is called___.


A special workbook you can create and then use as a pattern to create new, similar workbooks or worksheets is called____.


What function should be used on formulas that result in more decimal places than the format displays in a given cell?

ROUND function

The ___ tool allows you to create shadowed, skewed, rotated, and stretched text on a chart sheet or worksheet and apply other special text formatting effects


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