Exercise Physiology Final

Amphetamine use mimics the _______________.
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An example of a complex carbohydrate would bestarchThe amount of energy produced per gram of carbohydrate is:4 kcal/gram.Which of the following foods are good sources of calcium?all of the answers are correctDark green and yellow vegetables are high in which of the following?vitamin ATo increase body weight and muscle mass, you should do which of the following?eat higher calorie foodsThe amount of energy produced per gram of alcohol is7 kcal/gramTell me how many calories are 1 serving with the information from the food label. 1 cookie per servingTotal Fat: 4g Total Carbohydrate: 11g Protein: 1g84 calories____________ is the "master fuel" of energy source for the body.CarbohydratesIn class we talked about eating foods with this many ________or less ingredients.5Which of the following factors are associated with greater flexibility?an person that has an active lifestyleFor optimal results, static stretches should be held for30-60 secondsThe range of motion at the elbow joint is limited bybony structuresThe flexibility training method that involves movement produced by the active contraction of one muscle group and has a high force rate is called __________.ballistic stretchingOne of the major factors limiting dynamic flexibility iselasticity.The range of motion at the shoulder joint as limited primarily by:connective tissue structures.When a person discontinues static stretching, the effects can last up to this long:8 weeksThe spine of a contortionist is this_______.straight, no shapeAfter the in class test, it was determined that this person was the most flexible in class:MadisonStretching when it is hot or warm is much easier than stretching in the colder temperatures.True