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  1. Clinical Significance
  2. K. oxytoca
  3. Extraintestinal infection (E. Coli)
  4. Serratia
  5. Erwinia and Pectobacterium
  1. a meningitis and septicemia among neonates.

    most commonly isolated gram negative rod from blood cultures in adults
  2. b Plant pathogens
  3. c idole positive
  4. d most redside in intestinal flora
  5. e nosocomia outbreaks
    ONPG (+)

    Pink to red pigment

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  1. produces dysentery with penetration, invasion, and destruction of intestinal mucosa

    *fecal oral
  2. do not reduce nitrates to nitrites
  3. does not swarm
  4. methyl red positive
    Citrate positve
    ferment lactose
  5. serotype O157:H7
    hemolytic uremic syndrome
    *bloody diarrhea

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  1. P. Mirabillis P. VulgarisMira (Indole -)
    vulgaris (ODC negative)


  2. Enteropathogenic E. Coliinfantile diarrhea


  3. Klebsiella Pneumoniaedoes not swarm


  4. Enterobacter and Pantoeadifferentiaed by the ODC test


  5. Yersinia Enterocolitamost commonly isolated species of Yersinia
    aucte enteritis, appendicitis, arthritis, erythema nodosum

    motile at 25c

    recovery at cold enrichment, CIN agar