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  1. P. Mirabillis P. Vulgaris
  2. Enteric Bacteria
  3. E. Coli (Biochemical)
  4. Enteroadherent E. Coli
  5. Citerobacter Koser
  1. a Indole, and Methyl red
  2. b CAP, BAP, large grayish smooth colonies and Beta Hemolytic or non hemolytic on BAP
  3. c swarming on nonselective media such as BAP
    *smells like burned chocolate

    produces H2S and Urease
  4. d abcesses and UTIs
    nursery outbreaks of neonatal meningitis
  5. e strains generally associated with two kinds of human disease; dearrheal syndromes and UTIs

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  1. infantile diarrhea
  2. Mira (Indole -)
    vulgaris (ODC negative)
  3. gallbladder
  4. gram-negative, non spore-forming, faculatively anaerobic rods
  5. do not reduce nitrates to nitrites

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  1. SalmonellaGI tracts of animals
    faculatively anaerobic rods
    clear colonies mac
    O, H antigens (primary identifiers)
    H2s slantVi antigen
    typhoids fever


  2. Uropathogenic E. Coliinfantile diarrhea


  3. Proteus Morganella, and Providenciadoes not swarm


  4. K. oxytocanosocomia outbreaks
    ONPG (+)

    Pink to red pigment


  5. Differential and Selective mediaare useful for identification