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multiple hair-like outgrowths from body/cell wall used in locomotion


whip like outgrowths from body/cell wall used in locomotion


a free form projection of the body/cell wall used for locomotion

metachronal beating

cilia moving in waves (like a stadium)

power stroke

stiffened cilia propel water to the body surface

recovery stroke

cilia bends towards the body to reduce drag


structures of protozoans that extend around prey and engulf it


flagellated protozoans


amoeboid protozoans


ciliated protozoans


spore like protozoans

tetrahymenia vorax

a protozoan species under the star category which exhibits phenotypic plasticity in the presence of different organisms


in protozoans, the elimination of undigested material within digestive vacuoles via fusion with the cell surface

passive diffusion

in protozoans, the elimination of metabolic wastes across membrane


in protozoans, permanent excretory pore that is used for excreting waste


in protozoans, a flagellum that draws water over an organism


in protozoans, a flagellum that propels an organism

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