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Antwerp cabinet
Augsburg cabinet
Italian Renaissance;
Wardrobe form
armoire a deux corps
French Renaissance;
Two-tiered cupboard, upper section recessed from the lower section
art cabinet
Victorian cabinet;
Enclosed with glass
A cabinet in the wall of a Christian church or in the sacristy which was used to store chalices and other vessels, as well as for the reserved sacrament, the consecrated elements from the Eucharist.
bachelor's chest
Chest of drawers,
with top as writing surface.
bai yen
Chinese pharmacist's cupboard with many drawers
bas armoire
French Empire commode,
two doors enclosing a stack of drawers
Dutch cupboard,
two tiered
blockfront secretary
Front is divided into three shallowly curved vertical sections of equal width, the outer two convex and the center is concave
French Provincial cupboard,
storage of bonnets
Chest of several open shelves,
first appeared during the Byzantine period
bureau bookcase
18th century secretary
French filing cabinet
Italian chest,
intended as dowry
cassone nuziale
Cassone with coat of arms of the families united by marriage
Small wooden chest used to store bottles of alcoholic beverage
Closet-like piece of furniture that combines a long space for hanging clothes (that is, a wardrobe or armoire) with a chest of drawers.
Light chest of drawers, piece of furniture differentiated from the sideboard by its smaller size and by the enclosure of the whole of the front by doors. Its name (which comes from the French for a rag-picker) suggests that it was originally intended as a receptacle for odds and ends which had no place elsewhere, but it now usually serves the purpose of a sideboard.
china cabinet
Case furniture with shelves enclosed by glass doors
Etruscan chest,
small, circular or oval of wood or bronze
clothes press
British case furniture
for storing clothes
Medieval chest
Medieval miniature chest
French chest of drawers on legs
Connecticut Sunflower chest
American Jacobean furniture

A chest made in Connecticut in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, having three front panels of which the center panel has a conventional sunflower design in low relief and the end panels have tulip designs.
corner cabinet
British cabinet
designed to fit in a corner
Medieval/Renaissance open cupboard
British filing cabinet
Linear wood chest
curio cabinet
A predominantly glass cabinet with a metal or wood framework used to display collections of figurines or other objects that share some common theme.
ding gui
Chinese chest-like box
with doors placed atop a high wardrobe for storage of headgear
French corner cupboard
etagere or whatnot
a piece of furniture consisting of a set of open shelves for displaying small objects and sometimes having an enclosed cabinet as a base
Hadley chest
American Jacobean chest
4 short legs with 1, 2 or 3 drawers at the bottom
high boy
Queen Anne styled chest of drawers
Tall and supported by legs
Gothic term for chest or coffer
kang cupboard
Chinese Ming dynasty cupboard
Dutch wardrobe
Greek chest for storage of linens
German art cabinet
kunst schrank
German Renaissance cabinet
low boy
American dressing table, or vanity.
mule chest
Blanket chest, has drawers in its base and a hinged top, beneath which there are either two short drawers or one long one. This form, introduced in England in the 1600, was popular for 100 years in England and colonial America.
nest of drawers
18th Century very small chest of drawers
night stand
Chippendale pot cupboard
nonesuch chest
Tudor chest
French Provincial storage
for bread
Spanish Renaissance variant of vargueno without a fall-front
petit commode
18th century French chest of drawers
pie safe
19th century American cupboard for storage of food
pot cupboard
Small case piece intended to house the chamber pot
German Renaissance cupboard
French chest of drawers
sugar chest
tall boy
British furniture consisting of 1 chest of drawers
Spanish renaissance chest of drawers designed to support the vargueno
tilting chest
a medieval chest decorated with a representation of a tournament
a Welsh cupboard of the late 17th and 18th centuries, with an open, canopied upper section for display
uberbau schrank
German renaissance cupboard
with recessed upper section
18th century French dresser
with 5 cupboards side by side
Wooden cabinet of mixed Spanish and Oriental origin,
its major component is a chest with a drop front.
Japanese cupboard-like form,
open shelves for household shrine and offering of food and drink
cho dansu
Japanese ledger chest
used to store a merchant's account books
dogu bako
Japanese chest
for barbers
funa dansu
Japanese hardwood cabinet with much iron work

Literally means "ship's chest"
hari bako
Japanese tiny chest of drawers
for sewing materials
isho dansu
Japanese chest of drawers
for clothing
kaidan dansu
Japanese staircase chest
katana dansu
Japanese storage chest
for a sword
kuruma dansu
Japanese chest
with 4 wheels
kusuri dansu
Japanese pharmacist's chest
mizuya dansu
Japanese chest
for the kitchen
Simplest Japanese chest with a hinged lid
nomen dansu
Japanese storage chest
for masks
Japanese display cabinet
suzuri bako
Japanese chest
for writing materials
tabako kon
Japanese tobacco box
zeni dansu
Japanese storage
for money and other valuables
shu gui
Chinese cupboard
on short legs
tang xiang
Chinese narrow chest
for heavy, fur-lined garments
zhuan lun jing chang
Chinese revolving bookcase