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obligate pathogens of arthropods; 'insect destroyer'
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triazoles were first developed by who?Bayerwhat two crops is alfatoxin most common in?corn and peanutswhat is the medical term for infection of aflatoxin?aflatoxicosisuse of live predatory insects, entomopathogenic nematodes, or microbial pathogens to suppress populations of pest insectsbiocontrol in entomologyuse of microbial antagonists to suppress diseases as well as the use of host specific pathogens to control weed populationsbiocontrol in plant pathologyfungi are good BCAs because the have a high __________________ capacity, have ________________ generation time, and often highly _____________reproductive, short, specificFungi can be bad BCAs because they may _________ rather than kill, _____________ rather than eliminate, and work slowlydamage, reduce