(True or False) History of the Islamic World

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These questions are true and false questions there are ten questions.


Muslims study the Hadith, Which is written record of Muhammad's words and actions


Belonging to a tribe offered nomads safety from desert dangers.


Mecca's rulers immediately approved of Muhammad's teaching and helped spread the Islamic message.


The Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal were formed as Islamic empires


A group of people in Medina invited Muhammad to move to their city.


Caliph is the title used by Persian kings.


Janissaries are slave soilders trained by the Ottomans


The five acts of worship that required all Muslims are called the five pillars of Islam.


A title that Muslims use for highest leader of Islam is nomad.


A building for Muslim prayer is called a minaret.


To make an effort, or to struggle is jihad


Decorative writing is called calligraphy


Acceptance is also called pilgrimage.


A journey to a sacred place is called Babur.


A common feature of Muslim architectures is a mosque.

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