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Which form of women's Egyptian dance has rural origins and is traditionally performed at women's social gatherings?
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Which of the following is NOT a common characteristic of group belly dance competitions?Completely new dance style, unrelated to past traditionsTabla solo dancing corresponds less to the drum rhythms and is more about the free improv of the takht ensembleFalseZaar ritual music increases in tempo and intensity throughout the ritualTrueWhich element of Zaar ritual music follows traditional dum-tek patterns, which are key to exorcising the jinnRhythm- commonly played on the duffWhich techniques did Umm Kulthum often utilize making her a nationally celebrated singer (all)Precise diction, Melismatic singing, Dynamic Variation, emotional deliveryThe Sicilian style of tarantella is a more refined and technical version of the Zaar ritualFalseTarantism is a --- ritual with roots in southern Italian region of ---- by way of Greecehealing; ApuliaThis pizzica instrument is the most important in tarantism ritual. It is played using three main striking patterns.TambourineThe tarantism ritual was commonly used to cure women of which illness?latrodectism (spider-bite illness)Tarantism ritual participants known as tarantate, were often from the upper class and stayed inside the homeFalseIn the 1500s tarantism was split into two phases, The first was in the home and the second involved a pilgrimage toSt Paul's Chapen in GalantinaBoth the first and second phases of tarantism include accompanying music from a pizzica ensembleFalse---is known as the cry of the tarantata, which is a key component to the soundscape of the ritualII gridoWhich of the following are reasons that the tarantism ritual declined in the 20th century (all that apply)The closing of St Paul's well, which included healing water Changing gender and family expectations in local and global contexts Better access to alternative healing methods, such as prescription medsThe Club per UNESCO di Galantina currently organizes reenactments of the tarantism ritualTrueOn the night of June 28th, people often form circles known as--- where they play the pizzica and dance theronde; tarantellaThe tarantatel's voices aren't often recognized by scholars, though their importance is stressed by my interlocutorsTrueAs opposed to preservation, cultural--- is a more useful approach used to maintain dying traditionssustainabilityWhich of the following are common movements of the tarantate?Spinning in circles Hopping from one foot to the otherWhat are some reasons why music traditions such as tarantism can change in the 21st century?Changes sent from the top-down by orgs such as UNESCO Socioculture develops in new and different ways Traditions naturally change over timeWhich of the following is NOT an instrument that is commonly used in the pizzica ensemble?DomraWhich of the following are notable Italian or Italian-American historical or modern figures?The Pope Michelangelo Luciano Pavarotti Leonardo da VinciIs is common to masculinize cultural heritage in societies that trace lineage through patriarchal lines.TrueWhat is NOT a commonality between Apulian tarantism and Egyptian Zaar ritual?Jinn are exorcised from the ritual participantsWomen's voice are never heard in Southern Italy or Egypt and therefore, are not important to cultural traditions.FalseWhen did Russia folk music receive full support from the government and experience a revival?20th centuryWhich of the following is NOT true about Russian traditional vocal music?It involves a highly blended sound among singersAt one point, the Russian Orthodox Church banned instrumental music because it was believed to be the devil's music.TrueWhat is NOT a characteristic of the balalaika?It is an idiophoneThe hurdy gurdy is an ancient instrument. How is it played?By turning a crank and pressing keysWhich are characteristics of traditional Russian songs? (all that apply)They often relate to the calendarHousehold or gardening items, such as chimney doors, can be used as percussion instruments in Russia folk musicTrueBayan are Russian epics that are often based on Germanic poemsFalseWhich are characteristics of Russian epic traditional songs? (all that apply)They include stories that are often based on poems The stories involved are often highly embellished and sometimes tragicWhich video game utilizes Russian folk music in the background?TetrisThe Russian style of float dancing is very secretive and received its name because dancers seems to float on stageTrueWhat is the name of Russian men's traditional dancing that involves moves like high jumps, fast spinning, and low kicks?HopakAccording to our in-class discussion, what are the responsibilities of an ethnomusicologist? (choose all that apply)To listen To record and document traditions To gather data via interviews To serve communities in the way those communities see fitThe musicultural traditions that we have learned about in this class are uniform across countries and regionsFalseWhich other areas can coincide with music to create multifaceted traditions and transformations?Philosophy Religion Film Dance