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14 terms

step by step chapter 16

cardiovascular stress test
a non-invasive cardiology would be
vascular families
Within the cardiovascular system, what is compared to the branches of a tree?
surgery, radiology, medicine
the 3 sections of the cpt used to code many cardiovascular services are
device used to generate electric shock
in which dtype of atheter placement is the catheter moved or manipulated into a part of the arterial system
surgical puncture of the membrane surrounding the heart in order to remove fluid
pericardiocentesis is the procedure in which a surgeon withdraws fluid from the space
what is another name for the electrodes used with a pacemaker
coronary or noncoronary vessel
the major division of th cardiovascular subsection is whether a procedure involved
radiology section
supervision and Interpetation codes for angiography are located in the S & I
pacemaker inserion codes are divided based on the surgical
what is the diagnostic specialty that uses radioactivity elements
invasive cardiology
what is entering the body breaking the skin, to make a correction or for examination
the study of the electrical system of the heart, including the study of arrhythmias EP