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Which of the following refers to contemporary works enjoyed by the masses?

While ________ criticism focuses upon formal elements of a work of art, ________ criticism focuses on the content of a work of art, and ________ criticism centers on the relative merits of a work of art.
Correct! descriptive; interpretive; evaluative
interpretive; descriptive; evaluative
interpretive; evaluative; descriptive
evaluative; interpretive; descriptive
Question 272 / 2 pts
Which of the following statements is NOT true of music genres?
The string quartet is both an ensemble and a multi-movement work for two violins, viola, and cello.
The program symphony, symphonic poem, and concert overture are programmatic orchestral works.
A sonata is a multi-movement work for solo instrument, with or without piano accompaniment.
Correct! The character piece is a lengthy work for solo piano designed to evoke a specific emotion or idea.
Question 282 / 2 pts
The basic medium of literature is ________.
the written word
Correct! spoken language
Question 292 / 2 pts
Which arts appropriate the most from other arts?
painting and photography
music and poetry
Correct! opera and architecture
dance and sculpture
Question 300 / 2 pts
While ________ is the branch of philosophy that studies how values impact moral judgment, the branch of philosophy that studies the creative process in the arts and the role of art in society is ________.
You Answered theology; psychology
language; history
logic; sociology
Correct Answer ethics; aesthetics
Question 312 / 2 pts
Helping to hold our attention when listening to music, ________ refers to differences and changes in such elements as melody, dynamics, timbre, tempo, and form.
Correct! contrast
Question 322 / 2 pts
What is the concern of straight photography?
Correct! To depict things essentially as they are, even if they are ugly
To render images with a softness that helps mask reality
To depict things with as much sentimentality as possible
To render all objects, even those that are ugly, as beautiful
Question 332 / 2 pts
Knowledge about the cultural and political implications—the background (i.e., context)—of a work of art ________.
is irrelevant to our enjoyment
requires minimal effort or participation
makes very little impact on our engagement
Correct! aids in our perception and intensifies our response Background information about a work of art and increased sensitivity to its artistic form intensify our responses.
Question 342 / 2 pts
A ________ is a group of notes played in succession with a perceivable "shape", while ________ is the sounding of notes simultaneously.
timbre; harmony
Correct! melody; harmony
texture; timbre
melody; texture
Question 352 / 2 pts
Which statement best describes watercolor pigment?
It offers the most flexibility for blending colors.
Correct! It offers limited, but striking color choices. Correct.
It dries quickly and offers little room for error.
It provides extraordinary precision of detail.
Question 362 / 2 pts
The "all-at-onceness" of a painting refers to ________.
the idea of a painting's sensa
Correct! all of a painting being present at one time
how quickly the painting was created
the back story of the artist
Question 372 / 2 pts
While painting may be defined as ________ visual art, sculpture is best defined as ________ visual art.
Correct! two-dimensional; three-dimensional
polychromatic; monochromatic
representational; abstract
contemporary; traditional
Question 382 / 2 pts
The revelatory necessities of architecture require that ________.
the form of a building is reflective of the values of the architect or the community in which it is built
there is a clear division between inner and outer space, as well as a connection between spaces
Correct! the function of a building is an essential part of its subject matter, interpreted through its form
the materials that are used in construction function together to withstand gravitational stresses
Question 392 / 2 pts
Broad areas of human creativity involving analysis of values are collectively referred to as ________.
Correct! the humanities The humanities are described as broad areas of human creativity and study, such as philosophy, history, social sciences, the arts, and literature distinct from the sciences.
scientific methodologies
the arts and sciences
the history of mankind
Question 402 / 2 pts
Which of the following statements is NOT true of architecture?
Scale refers to the relationship between a structure's size and the human form.
Critiquing a work of architecture is similar to critiquing a work of visual art.
Context concerns the environment and location in which a structure is built.
Correct! In most structures, aesthetics are more important than practical considerations.
Question 412 / 2 pts
________ is the subject matter of dance at its most basic level, while a much more pervasive subject matter of dance is ________.
States of mind; the rhythmic unfolding of time
The importance of visual patterns; form
Correct! The abstract motion of bodies; feeling
The focus on cohesive narrative; motion
Question 422 / 2 pts
In order for something to be art, it must be ________.
a natural phenomenon
Correct! human made Three criteria for determining whether something is a work of art are that (1) the object or event is made by an artist, (2) the object or event is intended to be a work of art by its maker, and (3) recognized experts agree that it is a work of art.
a painting
Question 432 / 2 pts
Which of the following statements is NOT true of the performing arts?
The audience, including its members and mood, play an important role in the performing arts.
Mise-en-scène includes such visual elements as scenery, lighting, costumes, makeup, and props.
Correct! The protagonist is always the "good guy" and the antagonist is always the "bad guy" in a play.
Theater and dance are collaborative and include contributions from various types of artists.
Question 442 / 2 pts
While ________ especially brings out the three-dimensionality of objects, the various types of ________ project from a background.
representational sculpture; abstract sculpture
Correct! sculpture in the round; relief sculpture
low relief sculpture; sculpture in the round
sunken relief sculpture; contemporary sculpture
Question 452 / 2 pts
Which of the following is preeminent in film?
technical achievement
the sound
the still image
Correct! the moving image
Question 462 / 2 pts
The origins of which of the following are traced to the early seventeenth century, when dancers performed interludes between scenes of an opera?
modern dance
court dance
social dance
Correct! ballet
Question 472 / 2 pts
What is the exchange of communication among characters in a play?
Correct! dialogue
Question 482 / 2 pts
The dances of most cultures, including the rain dances in the American Southwest, were originally connected with ________.
social events
the court
Correct! ritual
Question 492 / 2 pts
Sculpture, more than painting, appeals to ________.
Correct! the sense of touch
the visual sense
common sense
the imagination