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  1. spring scale
  2. work
  3. fixed pulley
  4. Why are things with large handles easier to use?
  5. friction
  1. a They are easier to hold.
  2. b is a pulley that stays in place as the load moves
  3. c a force caused when one object rubs against another
  4. d a tool used to measure force or weight
  5. e is force and motion, work only gets done when a force is used to move an object

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  1. It can prevent slipping on a smooth surface, used to brake(stop), a bike, and can be used to start a fire.
  2. Too much friction makes heavy objects hard to move. Friction can cause things to wear away. For example, the soles of your shoes can wear away if you run/walk alot.
  3. A push or pull
  4. the object being lifted or moved by a simple machine(what you need to lift)
  5. the turning point of the lever

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  1. wheel and axlesimple machine that is two inclined planes joined together to form a sharp edge


  2. movable pulleyis a pulley that stays in place as the load moves


  3. screwa simple machine, a winding inclined plane


  4. name the six types of simple machines and their usesThey are easier to hold.


  5. inclined planea slanted surface which is sometimes called a ramp