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In the United States the ________ or the potential voting population, is made up of nearly 200 million people

political efficacy

People who do not believe their actions can affect politicts have no sense of ______


is the term regularly used to describe those people who have no specific major party affiliation


Dividing electoral districts to limit the voting strength of a particular group is known as


a person's ability to read or write, is no longer used to qualify voters


the right to vote, suffrage

party identification

People who are strongly loyal to a given party have strong


Persons living in a State for a short period of time are sometimes called ______

The 15th Amendment Ratified in 1870, did not secure the right of African Americans to vote primarily because

the federal government did not intervene to uphold the amendment

The provisions of the Voting Right Acts of 1965 and its amendments of 1970, 1975 and 1982 apply to

all national state and local elections

To prevent fraudulent voting most states require voters to


In the past, some states limited voting rights by

charging a poll tax

Which of the following statements about suffrage is true?

States require that any person wishing to vote must meet specific qualifications for citizenship, age, and residence

The expansion of Suffrage in the United States

has been moved forward by amendments and civil rights acts

Which act first established a federal commission to investigate claims of individual voter discrimination

Civil Rights Act of 1957

In general, more of the electorate votes

in general federal elections

The single most significant predictor of a person's partisan voting behavior is his or her

party identification

The term political socialization can be defined as the

process by which people formulate their political attitudes and opinions

Literacy tests worked to deny the right to vote to African Americans primarily because

African Americans were asked questions that were more difficult than those asked of prospective whites

Gerrymandering is unfair because

it sets district boundaries to decrease one group's voting strength

A person who votes in the presidential election but does not vote for a congressional candidate in the same election is known as

a "nonvoting voter"

Today many states require that all voters

be citizens of the United States and residents of the State

People with no sense of political efficacy

feel that any choice the make will have no effect

Which of these Stat suffrage laws would violate some provision in the federal constitution?

a law setting a maximum age for voting?

The phenomenon in which fewer votes are cast for offices farther down the ballot is called

ballot fatigue

Without asking for idividual party identification what three to five questions might you ask someone to determine his or her voting behavior?

income, education, gender, age, religion, ethnicity

The detailed provisions of federal election laws are important

to maintain honest and free elections at all levels

The constitution gives the power to set the date holding congressional elections to


Which of the following is NOT legal under the current federal presidential campaign financing laws?

A person or group can contribute unlimited funds to a candidate's political campaign

The most costly items in a typical campaign budget today are

television advertisements

The biggest drawback of the need for large amounts of money to campaign is that

people who cannot raise the money are denied a chance to be elected

The purpose of poll watchers is to

make sure that only qualified people vote

Why are voting machines used?

to minimize vote-counting errors

Which of the following statements about PACs (political action comittees is FALSE?

The can raise funds only for presidentaial and congressional campaigns

Petitions to nominate candidates

are generally required by State law for nominating minor party candidates

The nominating stage is imprtant in the electoral process mostly because

nominations set real limits to the choices voters can make in general elections

Money is an indespensible campaign resource because

it allows candidates to make themselves known to the public

On which ballot are candidates listed together inder the ttle of the position they seek?

office-group ballots

which of the following ballots tends to encourage straight-ticket voting?

party-column voting

The smallest geographic unit for conducting an election is a


In a closed primary

only declared part members may vote

Campaign contributions to a presidential candidate can

be made by any American

A primary in which candidates are not labeled by party is known as a

nonpartisan primary

which of the following statements about the federal elections commission (fec) is False?

It regulates the use of money in state and local elections only

split ticket voting

casting ballots for candidates from different parties for different offices in the same election

pluralistic society

consisting of several distinct cultures and groups


the people eligible to vote in any given election


the greatest number of votes cast for a single office


a unit into whch cities are divided for the election of city council members

Over time, the ideas first developed by minor parties are ofter _____ by major parties


People belong to a particular political party

voluntarily, because they made a personal choice

Most single issue parties have been

short lived

Parties that hold a particular set of beliefs and often supported marxist thinking are known as

ideological parties

The national chairperson of a major political party

manages the party's headquarters

Which of the following groups has tended to support the Democratic party in recent decades?

union members

In the United States, a political party is made up of a group of people who

work to get candidates elected to political offices

Which of the following is a sign of weakened political parties?

split-ticket voting

An increasing number of Americans today

identify with neither political party

Which of the following statements about federalists is TRUE?

A strong national government was of great concern to them?

The two-party system developed in the United States mainly because

conflicts about the constitution created opposing viewpoints

Which statement does not describe one type of minor party?

The members of a minor party tend to support the platform of a major party

Which of the following is NOT a major function of either of the two major parties in the United States?

to unite people and concentrate solely on one public policy matter

All of the following organizations serve the interests of organived labor except the

National Grange

Interest Groups know that public opinion is important because

no policy will stay in place very long without public support

One way interest groups become involved in the election process is by

providing campaign funds

Public Affairs are those events and issues

that concern all or most people

Trade associations usually represent

the business community

Most interest groups are formed on the basis of

economic interests

An interest group tries to persuade people to

respond to its member's shared attitudes

Lobbying is the process by which group pressures are applied to

all aspects of the public policy-making process

A positive aspect of interest groups is that they

help stimulate interest in public affairs

Interest groups are also called pressure groups mainly because

they seek to put pressure on the government to affect policies

Single interest groups try to affect elections based on

each candidate's stand in regard to the group's interests

The term grass roots refers to

average voters

Lobbyists today are people who generally

work within the governmental process to affect policies

Propoganda is a technique

used to influence people to adopt a particular belief

Propoganda techniques aim to be


A labor union is an organization of workers who

work in the same job or industry

Common Cause and the League of Women Voters are examples of

public interest groups

Interest groups are MOST interested in

influencing specific public policies

Organized interest groups apply to pressure to government through all of the following mean EXCEPT

forming minor plotical parties

Today lobbyists are people who

work within the governmental process to affect policies

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