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Furniture: Chairs


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Greek four-legged stool
Diphros okladias
Greek folding stool
Greek chair with saber legs
Greek reclining couch
Greek stool
curule or sella curulis
Roman chair with cushion, x-shaped and folding
Roman double chair or settee
Roman throne chair for men
Roman chaise for women
scamnum or subselium
Roman bench
Roman semi-circular reclining couch for dining
Roman bed or couch
back stool
Medieval three-legged stool
chair of estate
Medieval chair intended for use by the highest ranking person in the household
chair table
Medieval arm chair with back attached by hinges to back of arms
Medieval x-shaped stool for women
joint stool
Medieval seat with stretchers
ladder back chair
chair with a tall back constructed of horizontal slats or spindles between two uprights.
stick stool
Medieval seat with legs that were placed through holes in the seat
strozzi stool
Medieval (Italian) three-legged stool ith circular or polygonal seat
dagobert chair
Gothic throne chair designed by Abbot Suger
coronation chair
Gothic chair carved by Master Walter for the British monarch
slab ended stool
back stool
Medieval three-legged stool
Italian Renaissance cassone (chest) with back and arms to form a settee
Italian Renaissance armchair for men, box shaped with runners
Italian Renaissance chair for women, had two trestles or splat support with a stiff back
Italian Renaissance x-framed chair, named after a monk
Italian x-framed chair, has two frames, a cushion seat and a stretched-cloth back.
Italian Renaissance chair similar to the sgabello but with three splayed legs instead of two trestles
chiavari chair
Italian side chair designed by Guiseppe Gaetano Descalzi, 19th C.
close stool
Renaissance portable toilet
French neoclassic easy chair with closed arms
French regency small chair with a concave back and cabriole legs
French upholstered settee with an exposed frame
canape a confidante
French wide sofa incoporating two small seats that face outward beyond the arms at each end
canape de lametie
French settee with 2 upholstered chair backs connected by spindles
chaise a la capucine
Straw-seated chair with turned elements
French low gossip chair with a trapezoidal form and four legs
chaise a l officier
Empire style chair with arm supports at front corners but no arms, for a man wearing a sword
chaise a la reine
French upholstered chair with flat back
chaise courate
French light, portable chair
chaise d affaires or percee
French close stool or chamber chair
chaise longue
Long chair
chaise meublante
French term for very heavy, immobile chair
chaise volante
French term for very light, portable chair
Chair with low seat for sitting close to a fire, also a nanny chair
French rococo open chair whose crest rail curved marly downward in the center
French upholstered armchair with wings
French term for lounge chair
commode en tambeau
French baroque tambour-shaped commode
duchesse brisee
French upholstered chaise longue, two upholstered chairs with an ottoman in between
duchesse en bateau
Boat-like chaise longue
French renaissance low stool
Upholstered arm chair with open sides
fauteuil a la reine
Fauteuil with high, square back
Three radiating arm chairs
lit de repos
French regency daybed or chaise longue
French regency small sofa that is completely uphosltered, similar to a wide bergere
Short canape with scrolling arms
French x-framed folding stool, 18th century
prie deu
Low back chair with back padded on top; prayer desk
saddle seat
Carved chair seat resembling a saddle
French baroque large imposing chair of gilded wood
Sofa for two people, also: tete-a-tete
French rectangular chair on four short legs, upholstered stool
French short sofa, 18th century
French regency straddle chair with an upholstered stop rail
conversation chair
A British voyuese
Cromwellian chair
A sturdy, squarish chair with a leather back and seat, studded with brass-headed nails, made in England and in urban centres of colonial America in the mid-17th century.
Derbyshire chair
Farthingle chair
Jacobean low, armless upholstered chair
Glastonbury chair
Elizabethan folding chair with an x-frame composing the front and rear leg at each side
Morris chair
thrown or turned chair
Yorkshire chair
Trafalgar chair
Regency: A light chair used in mourning, death of Admiral Nelson
Balloon back chair
Victorian: The back upright is waisted just above the seat widening to a rounded curve at the top rail
Chesterfield sofa
Victorian: A type of deep, completely upholstered sofa with rolled arms that are the same height as the back.
sillon de cadera
Spanish hip-joint chair, x-framed
monk's bench
Settle that converts into a table
sillon frailero
Spanish renaissance monk's chair
German board chair
German renaissance x-frame chair
board chair
Vernacular slab chair, four stick legs and a plank back
Boston chair
Early spoon back chair
Boston rocker
First mass-produced rocking chair, has a high back topped by a larger crest rail and a wood seat that curved down in front and up in the rear. its arms followed the curve of the seat.
Brewster chair
American Jacobean chair with rush seat
cheesebox seat
American 19th century chair with rush seat
American sofa, boxy and upholstered
elbow chair
American 18th century armchair with banister back
hitchcock chair
Stencil-decorated fancy chair
hogarth chair
19th century term for spoon back chair, Queen Anne style with a cyma curve
horn chair
19th century American chair made of horns
Hunzinger chair
19th century American chair
lolling chair
American Martha Washington chair, federal style
Maryland Chippendale
American chair having an unusually wide pierced splat and crest terminating in prominent ears
mission chair
salem rocker
Boston rocker with a lower back
shaker rocker
Ladder backed rocker
zanzibar chair
American chair type of pillar and scroll
Chinese stool with straight sides
deng gua shi yi
Chinese chair with broad central splat rising higher than the stiles
dun or xiu dun
Chinese stool, barrel shaped
guan mau shi
Chinese chair whose back consisted of narrow central splat topped by slender crest rail
hu chuang
Chinese term for any seat raised off the ground
Chinese chair whose bracket or armrest, consisting of small horizontal platform on two short uprights
jia ji
Chinese stool used as a side table
jiao chuang
Chinese x-frame chair
lohan or lo quan yi
Chinese chair of monastic use
mei gui shi
Chinese short back chair
san cai tu hui
Chinese x-frame folding chair
ta chuang
Chinese wide settee for sitting cross legged
zi weng yi
Chinese bamboo chair convertible into a day bed
basket chair
Wicker chair
Ottoman with central backrest shaped like a truncated cone
cabriole sofa
Upholstered sofa whose back curved into the arms in a smooth line
camel back sofa
Sofa with serpentine top, Hepplewhite
Settee or sofa wose ends curved forward
carver chair
Constructed of turned wood, plank and rush seat
chair bed
18th Century chair that unfolds to become a bed
carolean chair
Charles II chair
chamber chair
Portable toilet
chamber horse
Exercise device incorporated to a low chair, originated in England
club chair
20th century term for the wing chair
companion or corner
Another term for roundabout chair
compass seat
Seat that is very round in the front
Squat-shaped, heavily upholstered armchair
crown chair
Chair wih a banister back
deck chair
Outdoor collapsible chair
directors chair
Modern chair of two x-frames
Upholstered platform on legs; a couch without arms or back, a bed without headboard and footboard
grandfather chair
gondola chair
Chair with a concave back whose stiles curved continuously forward
Upholstered stool without exposed wood
high chair
Intended for a child
lounge chair
Completely upholstered, overstuffed chair
Upholstered daybed
love seat
Heavily upholstered seat or bench
pedestal chair
Chair with a central stem or column
Very low, four legged stool covered with fabric
platform rocker
Chair that rocks on a stable support
Upholstered stool or backless seat
revolving chair
Swivel chair
Bench with a back panel
slipper chair
Chair intended for the bedroom
tablet arm chair
Chair with writing surface attached to one arm
thrown chair
turned chair
turkey sofa
voltaire chair
scroll topped back
cabriole sofa
Upholstered sofa whose back curved into the arms in a smooth line
camel back sofa
Sofa with serpentine top, Hepplewhite
chesterfield sofa
Victorian: A type of deep, completely upholstered sofa with rolled arms that are the same height as the back.
American sofa, boxy and upholstered