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In a professional Pharmacy setting, which agency regulates the majority of pharmacy technician activities and practices ?
A. Food and Drug Administration
B. State Board Of Pharmacy
C. Drug Enforcement Agency
D. Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
If a Tadalafil 10mg/tab has a typical half life of 17.5 hours, how long will it take until the blood concentration of this dosage falls to 25% of its initial strength ?
A. 70 Hours
B. 52.5 Hours
C. 35 Hours
D. 17.5 Hours
Which route of administration will give the highest blood concentration level.
A. Sub-Lingual
B. Transdermal Patch
C. Vaporizer
D. Intravenous
Which of the following would a patient be prescribed an Albuterol Inhaler for ?
A. Hypertension
B. Asthma
C. Smoking Cessation
D. Post Myocardial Infarction
In a retail pharmacy setting, who may counsel a customer who has questions about a vaccine they are considering ?
A. Licensed Pharmacy Technician
B. Licensed Pharmacist
C. Pharmacy Cashier
D. Both A. and B
A patient suffering severe pain is prescribed Vicodin which contains 10mg of Hydrocodone and 660mg of APAP. The Script reads:
A. .004
B. .040
C. .400
D. 4.00
You are filling prescriptions at a retail pharmacy. A script is presented for Lopressor 100mg QD X30D DAW. Your pharmacy is currently out of Lopressor. Which of the following may the pharmacist substitute in its place to fill the order.
A. Toprol
B. Generic Metoprolol
C. Propranolol
D. None of the above
Which of the following drugs is exempt from the locking cap requirements found in the PPPA ?
A. Nitrostat 0.4mg
B. Chantix 0.5mg
C. Oxycontin 20mg
D. Naproxen 250mg
If 3 Grams of active ingredient is needed to make 1 pint of a suspension, how much active ingredients is needed to make 1 Gallon of the suspension ?
A. 50 grams
B. 18 grams
C. 24 grams
D. 30 grams
Which of the following routes of administration is NOT parenteral.
A new customer at your Retail Pharmacy has brought in a script for:
Percocet 2.5mg 1-2 tab Q4°. Which of the following information is NOT required on the patients packaging label.
A. Prescription Number
B. Patients Name
C. Filling pharmacists name
D. Prescribing Doctors DEA number
Given the name Quinapril, this drug is likely a:
A. ACE Inhibitor
C. Beta Blocker
D. Anti-Diabetic
A script is faxed over from Dr. Peruse which contains the sig:
1ml Neomycin Sulphate 0.5% 1-2gtt OU QID
Which of the following conditions is this order most likely to treat ?
A. Urinary Tract Infection
B. Labyrinthitis (inner ear infection)
C. Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
D. Allergic Rhinitis
When a community pharmacy orders stock from a new wholesaler, which drugs must be ordered using a DEA form 222 ?
A. Sch. II only
B. Sch. II and Sch III only
C. Sch. II, Sch. III and Sch. IV only
D. ALL Controlled Substances
A pharmacist at an independent compounding pharmacy needs to concoct a batch of "LMAO". The formula calls for:
A. 947
B. 721
C. 679
D. 552
After their shift, A pharmacist and pharmacy tech went next door to a cafe. They began gossiping about how many Narcotics and Anti-depressant prescriptions they had filled and even mentioned some customers names who received them. They were overheard by several cafe patrons, including one of the (mentioned) customers housekeeper. Besides the Pharmacys code of ethics, which Federal Act was violated ?
In the NDC Number: 00615-6508-39

What do the last two numbers represent ?
A. Package Size
B. Manufacturer
C. Drug Strength
D. Dosage Form
Dr. I Bawl has been practicing Opthamology in Mukilteo, WA since 1984.
If the first part oh his DEA number is : AB745142_
What would the last digit be ?
A. 7
B. 3
C. 0
D. 2
Which of the following insulins has the slowest onset time.
A. Lente
B. UltraLente
D. Regular
Which types of anti-biotics inhibit growth and reproduction of bacteria, but do not kill bacteria ?
A. Bactericidal
B. Anti-Bacterial
C. Hypo-Allergenic
D. Bacteriostatic