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What is a Node

It is the point of zero displacement, no electrons are found

What is a radial Node

It is a spherical surface where the probability of an electron being found is 0 and the probability density equals 0 as well

What is a n Angular Node

It is a plane dividing wave functions by phase (dividing neg and positive)

Formulas: Total # of nodes


Formulas: # of radial nodes


Formulas: # of angular nodes

l ( angular momentum #)

3s orbitals have __ radial nodes and __ angular nodes

2 radial nodes and 0 angular nodes

5p orbitals have __ radial nodes and __ angular nodes

3 radial nodes and 1 angular nodes

8d orbitals have __ radial nodes and __ angular nodes

5 radial nodes and 2 angular nodes

Radial probability density depends on # of ...

Radial probability depends on number of RADIAL NODES b/c the probability of an electron existing there is 0


attracted to magnetic fields b/c not all electron are paired up to MAXIMIZE DIRECTION


Repulsed by magnetic fields b/c electrons are paired up

When dealing with prbability density, what does the dv stand for? and what does it equal?

dv=change in volume and it equals 1 because highest value of probability is 1 (unless otherwise specified what volume your are give, i.e., over 1nm cubed volume)

units of probability is usually

usually A to the -3/2 power

If you have a well defined amplitude and wavelength, what can you tell about the uncertainty of the position and momentum

It would have a lager uncertainty for position but a small uncertainty for its momentum

momentum and position are ___ related

inversely related (as one goes up, the other goes down)

the letter Q is...

Q is the charge of a particle

R is the...

R is the distance btwn nuclei

Z is the...

nuclear charge (atomic number)

Units of Probability desity is

A to the -3rd power (b/c you square it)

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