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  1. malignant
  2. oncology
  3. haematoma
  4. myoma
  5. interstitial
  1. a type of supporting tissue
  2. b study of tumours
  3. c tumour of muscle
  4. d swelling containing blood
  5. e dangerous disease or tumour likely to be fatal

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  1. cancerous cells
  2. enlargement of an organ with its own tissue
  3. abnormal change in tissue
  4. lack of blood to a part
  5. swelling caused by blockage of sebaceous gland duct

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  1. atrophyremoval of portion of living tissue for investigation


  2. genomemap of genetic material of species


  3. metaplasiaabnormal cells without regular nucleus


  4. anaplasiatype of cell growing beyond where usually found


  5. myalgiapainful muscles