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  1. papilloma
  2. cortex
  3. carcinoma
  4. fibroma
  5. anaplasia
  1. a outer portion of an organ
  2. b abnormal cells without regular nucleus
  3. c tumour of fibrous tissue
  4. d wart-type benign tumour
  5. e cancerous cells

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  1. type of cell growing beyond where usually found
  2. abnormal overgrowth of fibrous tissue in healing of wound
  3. obstruction of blood vessel by particle of blood, fat or air
  4. enlargement of an organ with its own tissue
  5. depression on surface of organ

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  1. ischaemiapainful muscles


  2. genometumour of a gland


  3. myasthenia gravisdisease causing abnormal fatigue & weakness in voluntary muscles


  4. necrosisdeath of tissue


  5. chondrosarcomabenign tumour of cartilage


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