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  1. myasthenia gravis
  2. embolism
  3. lipoma
  4. interstitial
  5. haematoma
  1. a type of supporting tissue
  2. b tumour composed of fat
  3. c obstruction of blood vessel by particle of blood, fat or air
  4. d disease causing abnormal fatigue & weakness in voluntary muscles
  5. e swelling containing blood

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  1. dangerous disease or tumour likely to be fatal
  2. opposite of malignant
  3. type of cell growing beyond where usually found
  4. new growth or tumour
  5. formationof abnormal cells

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  1. hypertrophyenlargement of an organ with its own tissue


  2. sarcomacancerous cells


  3. chondromabenign tumour of cartilage


  4. papillomawart-type benign tumour


  5. NGopposite of malignant