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  1. biopsy
  2. necrotising fasciitis
  3. NG
  4. lesion
  5. chondrosarcoma
  1. a removal of portion of living tissue for investigation
  2. b new growth
  3. c malignant tumour of cartilage & bone
  4. d destruction of soft tissue by overwhelming bacterial infection
  5. e abnormal change in tissue

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  1. disease causing abnormal fatigue & weakness in voluntary muscles
  2. inflammationof pleura (covering lungs)
  3. tumour of fibrous tissue
  4. type of supporting tissue
  5. benign tumour of cartilage

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  1. cortexouter portion of an organ


  2. malignantdangerous disease or tumour likely to be fatal


  3. papillomatumour of fibrous tissue


  4. sarcomacancer of connective tissue


  5. carcinomacancer of connective tissue