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  1. anaplasia
  2. keloid scar
  3. genome
  4. peritonitis
  5. cortex
  1. a abnormal cells without regular nucleus
  2. b inflammation of lining of abdomen/pelvis
  3. c map of genetic material of species
  4. d outer portion of an organ
  5. e abnormal overgrowth of fibrous tissue in healing of wound

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  1. destruction of soft tissue by overwhelming bacterial infection
  2. tumour of a gland
  3. study of cells
  4. enlargement of an organ with its own tissue
  5. inflammationof pleura (covering lungs)

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  1. NGopposite of malignant


  2. dysplasiaabnormal cells without regular nucleus


  3. malignantpainful muscles


  4. myasthenia gravisdisease causing abnormal fatigue & weakness in voluntary muscles


  5. fundusdepression on surface of organ