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avoir, ne pas avoir, to have, to not have

"J'ai ≠ Je n'ai pas (de)". Match the English and the French conjugation. This is Anne's native take on learning French grammar, one topic at a time. Find more - including AUDIO files - at www.FRENCHETC.org.

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to have
I have
you have
tu as
she has
elle a
he/it has
il a
we have
on a
we have
nous avons
you have
vous avez
they have
ils ont
they have
elles ont
to not have
ne pas avoir
I don't have
je n'ai pas (de)
you don't have
tu n'as pas (de)
she doesn't have
elle n'a pas (de)
he/it doesn't have
il n'a pas (de)
we don't have
on n'a pas (de)
we don't have
nous n'avons pas (de)
you don't have
vous n'avez pas (de)
they don't have
ils n'ont pas (de)
they don't have
elles n'ont pas (de)