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To conjecture or guess, draw a conclusion without solid evidence.


A herald, the person who arrives in front of another to announce the second one's presence; anything foreshadowing a future event, an omen.


Without equal, unmatched.


Any rather abstract branch of philosophy, especially those connected with the origins of the universe and destiny.


To cease from some action, or to come to an end.


A temporary or provisional arrangement; an interval, meantime.


(pl.) celestial beings, especially of the second order of angels or those associated with Cupid; a child reminiscent of such a being.


A place where a sea or other body of water is shallow; a sand bar or sandbank.


A salutation or ceremony that involves wishing health to a person, such as a "toast" or drinking to this stated cause.


A servant charged with maintaining the living quarters of a sovereign or noble.


To suppress, put an end to, or vanquish; to quiet or allay.


To drink deeply and frequently, or to engage in an alcohol-induced revel.


A moral or ethical consideration that impedes a certain action; a very small portion or amount.


To assume responsibility for, to acknowledge or affirm, declare positively.


To divine or predict from omens, to conjecture; to be a sign or serve as an omen or promise of something.


A scene or state of wild uproar or confusion.


Having or showing a respectful obedience or dutiful reverence for a god or another deity.


A person dedicated to sensual enjoyment, one who cultivates a refined taste, a connoisseur.


Having or preserving its original state, untouched or uncorrupted; pertaining to the earliest form of state, primitive.


A formal exposition of the principles of a subject, usually longer than an essay.

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