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How are Supreme Court cases impactful? Give me an example of two Supreme Court cases and their impact.
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The supreme court is important because it rules on cases that affect many aspects of our lives.... all of these issues have been impacted by supreme court decisions for example: Marbury vs. Madison, arguably the most important case in supreme court history, was the first united states supreme court case to apply the principle of "judicial Review" the power of the federal courts to void acts of congress in conflict with the constitution.
Also gibbons vs. ogden decision served to vastly expand the power of congress and the federal government. now congress could regulate any commercial activity which moved between 2 states. THis meant that the vast majority of businesses could be regulated by the united states.
1. Susan B. Anthony- played an important role in the women suffrage movement, she traveled around the country giving speeches, gathering thousands of signatures on petitions, and lobbying congress every year for women.
2.Anne Hutchinson, was a religious reformer, who challenged male authority and indirectly accepting gender roles by preaching to both men and women and by questioning puritan teachings about salvation. Anne was the defendant in the most famous of the trials intended to stop religious disagreement in the Massachusetts bay colony.
3.Elizabeth Cady Stanton, forever changed the social and political landscape of the guaranteed rights for women and slaves. Her dedication to women suffrage movement resulted to the 19th amendment of the constitution, which gave the women the right to vote.
1. Jackson successfully created a movement for American democracy because it provided a greater democracy for the common man. His movement allowed political power to be established from elites to ordinary voters.
2. Jackson's choice of removing the second bank of the united states and sending the federal funds to individual state banks/pet banks was a failure. because it corrupted the bank and was a cause of the panic of 1837.
A nativist is someone who favors native inhabitants rather than immigrants. nativists were afraid of their culture being corrupted, and their jobs being taken over. for example, the chines exclusion act of 1882, was the first of many nativist acts of congress which attempted to limit the flow of immigrants into the united states, the chines responded to it by filing false claims of American birth, enabling thousands of them to California. Another issue immigrants had to deal with were riots. In July 1844, nativists battled Irish immigrants and 2 catholic churches and a catholic school were burned by mobs.
Cotton was a popular labor intensive business in the south. The cotton was needed everywhere, and luckily for the south, it was easiest to grow around their area. HOwever, the process of collecting cotton required heavy labor, which was done by many slaves, and together the slaves and cotton made big businesses for the south. cotton was mainly needed for clothing, but also fabric in general.
while americans moved west, they ended up meeting different racial groups with their own cultures. they did not want new cultures corrupting their home cultures. this drove some groups of immigrants to withdraw from some white communities, finding other similar communities where their culture and language could survive.
1. election of Abraham lincoln 1860, his stance on ending slavery expansion worried the south. south Carolina seceded from the union.
2. the compromise of 1850, southern states threatened to secede from the union because of the lack of balance of power.... (California came in as a free state).

3. Wilmot proviso an American law that would ban slavery in any new territory acquired from Mexico during the Mexican War.
Explain how industrialization lead to the formation of unions. (Name it and explain it, least one reason)workers had poor working conditions in industrial jobs. in order to improve these conditions workers decided to join together and create unitons to fight against the owners for safer conditions. they found that her best way to accomplish better conditions was to join together, since individual complaints would just get that individual person fired or replaced.Identify and explain 2 reasons for the rise of immigration into the United States in the 19th century1.. Many came because they saw it as the land of economic opportunity. 2. others came seeking personal freedom/relief from political and religious persecution.