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One point is earned for identifying one of the following linkage institutions:
• Media
• Interest groups (PACs)
• Political parties
One point is earned for each of two explanations. The student must explain how the media, interest groups, or political parties connect citizens to the government. (Note: the student must earn the point for identifying an institution in order to receive a point for explaining how that institution connects citizens to the government.)

"Ways" that connect
• Convey the views of the people to government
• Convey information about the government to the people
Interest Groups/ PACs
• Express group members'
preferences to policymakers
• Convey policy information to
group members
• Raise and spend money to advocate for the interests of the group with policymakers
• Gather information about voters for use by candidates and policymakers
• Provide information to voters about
candidates running for office
• Connect voters to elected
officials/candidates through campaign activities

"Ways" in which connections are made
• Interviewing citizens
• Reporting on government
• Presenting poll results
• Interviewing public officials
• Covering protests and/or opposition
• Providing an outlet for citizen opinion
Interest Groups/ PACs
• Letter-writing campaigns
• Campaign activities
• Lobbying
• Grassroots movement
• Litigation
• Media campaigns
• Disseminating information about government affairs
• Campaigns
• Mailings
• Voter mobilization
• Recruiting candidates
• Recruiting activists
• Endorsing party
• Funding candidates
• Aggregating interests
• Articulating interests
• Mobilizing interests