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what genetic disorder has excess glucocerebroside in the brain, liver and spleen


what genetic disorder has exces galactocerebroside in the white mater

niemann picks

what genetic disorder has abnormal increase in sphingomyelin

alkaptonuria, black

what genetic disorder produces ochronosis causing calcification of the discs of the spine, it turns urine ___ on standing


what genetic disorfer is accumulation of homogentisic acid, blue black deposits in the ears, nose, and cheeks

duchennes MD, CPK

what genetic disorder produces hypertropyh of the calf muscles. its recessive sex linked gene that occures in boys 3-7, here is increased _____


what genetic disorder is a tumor of all three germinal layers


what genetic disorder is a tumor of glandular tissue


what genetic disorder is a cancer of the stomach that metastasizes to the overy


what genetic disorder is a mixed tummor of the kidney in children

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