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A naturally occurring, inorganic, solid, that has a crystal system and a definite chemical composition


The absorption or lack of absorption of light


A mineral's resistance to scratch


The tendency of a mineral to break along flat surfaces


The tendency of a mineral to break along uneven and irregular surfaces


The color of a mineral in powdered form


The way a surface reflects light


The amount of matter in a given space

Mohs Hardness Scale

Geologists determine a mineral's hardness by comparing it to the minerals on this scale


The mineral cannot form from materials that were once part of a living thing


A solid mixture of crystals of 1 or more minerals

Rock Cycle

The process by which 1 rock type changes into another


The minerals a rock is made of determine this


The rock is determined by the size, shapes, and positions of the grains of which it is made

Igneous Rock

Rock formed from the cooling of magma

Intrusive Igneous

Igneous rock formed from the cooling of magma inside the earth

Extrusive Igneous

Igneous rock formed from the cooling of lava on the earth's surface


Layers of rocks


The layering of rocks

Sedimentary Rock

Rock formed from weathering and erosion of sediments

Clastic Sedimentary

Rocks that are made of fragments from other rocks and minerals

Chemical Sedimentary

Rocks that form from solutions of minerals and water

Organic Sedimentary

Rock that froms from the dead remains of plants and animals

Metamorphic Rock

Rock formed due to extreme heat and pressure

Non-foliated Metamorphic

Grains are not aligned

Foliated Metamorphic

Grains are aligned the the pages of a book


Molten rock inside the earth


Molten rock outside the earth

Coarse Grained

The rough texture of a rock

Fine Grained

The smooth texture of a rock


the process whereby heat changes something from a solid to a liquid


the process when magma , lava , hot rock, or etc, somehow cool down or in the process of becoming cool.


Water or wind loosen and carry away fragments of rock


Sediments settle out of wind and water


Sediments are pressed together in layers


Dissolved minerals glue sediments together


the transfer of thermal energy


the force pushing on an area or surface

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