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a way of thinking or feeling about certain things


to say or admit that one has done something wrong


(1)to keep from being attacked; to protect (2)to speak for; to argue in favor of


(noun) information given to help someone to answer a question; a clue (verb) to suggest something without saying directly what one means


(noun)a single person, apart from others in a group (adj.)meant for just one


(noun)the wish to hurt others on purpose


(adj.)done with a wish to harm or cause pain


(noun)a feeling of great unhappiness


(adj.)(1)very unhappy or unpleasant (2)very bad; of poor quality


(n)(1) the answer to a problem or puzzle (2)a mixture formed when a liquid and some other stuff are mixed together


(verb)to look over; to examine; (noun)a study designed to gather information about a subject

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