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Ch. 2 Solids,Liquids,Gases -Sabrina

A state of matter that has has no define shape but has a define voloume.
A state of matter with no define shape or voloume.
A state of matter that has a define shape and a define voloume.
The change in a state from a liquid to a solid.
The prosses by witch molicules at the surface of a liquid absorb enouph energy to change to a gas.
The change in the state from a solid to a liquid.
melting point
The tempure at witch a substance changes from a solid to a liquid the same as the freezing point or tempure at witch a liquid changes to a sloid.
thermal energry
The total energyof the motion of all the particlesof an object.
The change of statemfrom a liquid to a gas.
Vaporaztion that occures at and below the surface of a liquid.
Witch state of matter allows the LEAST AMOUNT OF MOVEMENT, Solid,Liquid,Gas?
A solid.
What happens to water molicules in an Ice Cube when it is put on a table?
The ice cube starts to melt this causes the particles to move around more.