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  1. aphelion
  2. Thermohaline Circulation
  3. alkenones
  4. greenhouse effect
  5. The 3 Milankovitch cycles
  1. a radiation reflected from the surface is absorbed by some gases and re-radiated as heat, some of which stays in the atmosphere and warms the surface
  2. b Precession, obliquity, and eccentricity
  3. c long carbon-chain molecules made by some plankton
  4. d the conveyor belt of heat and salt transport in oceans
  5. e the farthest orbital point from the sun (152 million km)

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  1. When A increases, B decreases, causing A to decrease Ex. global warming increase, thermohaline circulation decrease, global warming decrease
  2. where plants and animals do and don't live now and in the past
  3. the wobble of the earth on its axis (11,000 year period to move between extremes)
  4. the shape of earth's orbit
  5. the average surface condition over some period of time

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  1. Milankovitch cyclesorbital parameters affecting how much energy earth receives from the sun


  2. obliquitythe average surface condition over some period of time


  3. feedbackthe average surface condition over some period of time


  4. El Nino events... affect global weather patterns and are caused by changes in wind strength in the equatorial Pacific Ocean


  5. perihelionthe closest orbital point to the sun (147 million km)