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  1. negative feedback
  2. feedback
  3. cryosphere
  4. Southern Oscillation
  5. positive feedback
  1. a a change in one component affects another component
  2. b air pressure 'flips' between Australia (W) and Tahiti (E)
  3. c When A increases, B increases, which causes A to increase even more.Ex. temp increase, ice melts, albedo decrease, temp increase
  4. d When A increases, B decreases, causing A to decrease Ex. global warming increase, thermohaline circulation decrease, global warming decrease
  5. e the frozen part of the earth's surface, including glaciers, polar ice caps, continental ice sheets, etc.

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  1. photosynthesis in surface waters which uses up C02 draws down more C02 from the atmosphere
  2. short term changes in surface conditions
  3. radiation reflected from the surface is absorbed by some gases and re-radiated as heat, some of which stays in the atmosphere and warms the surface
  4. Precession, obliquity, and eccentricity
  5. the closest orbital point to the sun (147 million km)

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  1. alkenonesreflectivity of earth's surface (mostly reflected by clouds)


  2. albedoreflectivity of earth's surface (mostly reflected by clouds)


  3. Thermohaline Circulationair pressure 'flips' between Australia (W) and Tahiti (E)


  4. Milankovitch cyclesPrecession, obliquity, and eccentricity


  5. eccentricitythe average surface condition over some period of time