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Madison, Jefferson, and other leaders

are known as the fathers of the constitution


a government in which citizens rule themselves through elected representatives

At least

9 of the 13 states had to ratify the Constitution


*Liked the Constitution
*Didn't think the A of C gave gov. enough power
*Thought there was no need for a Bill of Rights

Madison, Hamilton, and Jay wrote essays called

Federalist Papers


*Liked states having power
*Wanted a Bill of Rights
* Liked the A of C

Antifederalists wanted a Bill of Rights because

They wanted a document that said that basic liberties were protected

Federalists thought a Bill of Rights wasn't necessary because

It was impossible to list all the natural liberties

George Washington

was elected president

John Adams

was chosen as the vice president

Congress focused on adding

a Bill of Rights


is another word for change

The first ten amendments are known as the

Bill of Rights

2 ways that the Bill of Rights would protect people

*Freedom of Speech
*Troops can't go into houses without consent

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