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ESL Theory Author learning

Bardovi-Harlig 1994
Discourse Hypothesis
Jarvis 2002
Investigates Discourse Hypothesis looking at article use
Dulay and Bart 1974
Creative Construction
Krashen, 1982
Natural Order Hypothesis
Lado 1957
Contrastive Analysis Hypothesis
Corder 1967
Error analysis approach
Lauffer and Eliasson 1993
Investigated the avoidance of phrasal verbs of swedish ESL learners
Zobel 1982
Arabic L2 learners learn English slower than French or Spanish learners
Schachter and Rutherford 1979
overuse of common structures
Kleinmann 1977
novelty effect
Liao and Fukuya 2004
less avoidance in advanced learners, more avoidance in intermediate learners
Chompsky 1995
Universal Grammar
Bley-Vroman 1989
fundamantal difference hypothesis
White 2003
5 positions towards UG
Bates and MacWhinney 1982
Competition Model
Selinker 1972
Interlanguage - learners' developing second language knowledge
Pienemann 1998
Processability theroy