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marketing exam 2 quiz questions

Upscale men's and women's clothing stores primarily appeal to consumers' ______________ needs.
Consumers involved in habitual decision making engage in little conscious decision making.
Where Caroline grew up, everyone knew everyone else, no one locked the doors on their house, and a person's "word" was a contract. When she went to work in another part of the country, she was surprised by how few people had similar values and beliefs. Caroline had to adjust to ______________ differences.
Zappos, an online shoe company, knows shoes are typically a ______________ good, with consumers often spending time comparing alternatives. They overcome that aspect of consumers' search process by offering a free, no questions asked return policy.
internal and external
When Kelly began searching for a new car to replace her "clunker," she probably would rely on _____________________ sources of information.
Situational factors sometimes override psychological and social factors in the consumer decision process.
When Mary Grace decided to buy a new computer, she considered all the brands she could recall seeing advertised. For Mary Grace, this would be her _______________ set.
When thirsty, Glen always buys a Coke. Like many consumers, Glen engages in considerable alternative evaluation when buying habitual products like his Coke.
Customers are more likely to talk about service that exceeded their expectation than about service that did not meet their expectation.
develop basic strategies for dealing with their behavior.
Marketers often use principles and theories from sociology and psychology to better understand consumers' actions and:
The greater the difference between a consumer's unsatisfied need and their desired state, the greater the need recognition will be.
information search
Consumers frequently use the Internet during the _____________ stage of the consumer decision process.
customer dissatisfaction
Setting unrealistically high consumer expectation often leads to:
André was afraid his condominium would look shabby to his future in-laws, so he had it painted just before their visit. André was addressing his ________________ risk.
Upscale men's and women's clothing stores primarily appeal to consumers' ______________ needs.
minimize negative word of mouth rumors
Most marketers maintain customer complaint services over the Internet, in the store, or over the telephone, and quickly respond to complaints, hoping to:
evaluative criteria
Every year, Wall Street Journal technology reporter, Walter Mossberg, provides a set of guidelines for readers considering the purchase of a new personal computer. His guidelines include features, memory capacity, amenities, and a host of attributes he recommends consumers include in their purchase decision. Walter provides consumers with:
sociology and psychology
Marketers often use principles and theories from ______________ and _____________ to decipher many consumer actions and develop basic strategies for dealing with their behavior.
post-purchase dissonance
Many teenagers, both male and female, have clothes they purchased in the past that they "would not be caught dead in" today. When they occasionally see those clothes hanging in the back of their closet, these teenagers probably feel:
organizational culture
At the main campus, faculty always referred to each other as Doctor, wore suits, and guarded their academic domains against usurpers from other disciplines. This led to frequent name-calling and strenuous debates. Meanwhile, at the various branch campuses faculty referred to each other by people's first names, dressed casually, and supported each other's scholarly efforts regardless of the academic "turf." This example illustrates the difference in ___________________ that can exist.
In B2B marketing, the salesperson is an integral component of the transaction.
transportation, commerce, distribution channels, and communications.
When Darren assessed infrastructure conditions in Paraguay, he assessed the country's _________________ capabilities.
Many of the best-known American retailers, like KFC and McDonalds, have expanded globally using:
Most Americans tend to take access to global products and services for granted.`
human development index
The ________________________ is a composite measure of three indicators of the quality of life in different countries.
segmenting, targeting, and positioning
Cultural nuances, subcultures, and consumers' view of their role in different countries can make ___________________ complicated.
zero or negative
Developed countries are experiencing _______________ population growth.
Collin wants information about the infrastructure in the countries his company is planning to export to. He will gather information about the transportation and communications capabilities in each country.
conduct vendor analysis
While consumers weigh postpurchase dissonance, business buyers:
on its website
Frequently a B2B buyer will post its RFP needs:
need recognition through either internal or external sources.
Judy knows it is important to approach business buyers at the right time, which is often during the first stage of their buying process. She is keenly aware of when their customers are going through:
product specifications
After Hurricane Katrina many states re-evaluated their coastal area building requirements. Changes in building codes represented ________________ that building materials companies used in developing new products.
how economic development affects the attributes of a product, how it might standardize the product but vary the promotion, and the needs of the target market.
When considering global product strategies, firms should consider:
currency exchange rate
Exchange controls refer to the regulation of a country's:
which have established a formal agreement to manage trade activities.
Marketers considering operations and trade with a specific country must consider whether the country is a trading bloc. A trading bloc is a group of countries:
Language, customs, culture, and literacy levels significantly affect global ______________ strategies.
marketers attempts to not create friction in host countries.
The fact that multinational corporations pay researchers to make sure the names of their new products do not mean something offensive in other languages is an example of:
For a segmentation strategy to be successful, the customers in the segment must react similarly and positively to the firm's marketing mix. The market segment must be:
NASCAR re-directed their marketing efforts when a survey indicated that almost fifty percent of their race fans were female. This is an example of ______________ segmentation.
Whenever Donald calls on potential pest control customers, he emphasizes the fact that, unlike the national franchise competitors, he is a local business person and has been in business over twenty years. Donald is _______________ his business relative to his competition.
Observation, in-depth interviews, and focus groups are all ______________ research methods.
provide a link between him and his environment, help him understand the needs of his customers, monitor the marketplace, and decrease the uncertainty associated with decision making.
Leonard just bought his first bagel franchise. As part of the franchising agreement Leonard receives a monthly report detailing the actions and results of other franchisees. Leonard will hopefully use this market research to:
surveys or experiments
Because conclusive research is often quantitative in nature, it offers a means to confirm ideas through:
adjusted class schedules to meet the needs of the twenty customers, surveyed the twenty customers to see what other types of yoga classes they were interested in, offered a special session for just those twenty customers, and analyzed the geodemographics of twenty customers to see how she could attract more people like them.
When Olivia learned that just twenty of her yoga studio customers accounted for eighty percent of her annual revenue, she probably:
it is irrelevant to the baby products company.
The manager of a company selling baby products asks you to conduct research into the question, "Is life expectancy getting longer in Kuwait?" The problem with this research objective is:
Briena is looking at the results of a syndicated study conducted two years ago. Briena is looking at primary data.
Positioning strategies generally focus on either how the product affects the consumer or how it is better than competitors' products.
Bathing suit marketers logically use geographic segmentation.
"I'm like them, so I should buy their products."
Marketers like Benetton want their ads to appeal to one's self-concept, suggesting to consumers:
what a typical shopping list looks like, whether changes in prices affect buying, marketplace trends, and what kinds of promotions might be attractive to you.
Each time you go to the grocery store and have your purchases scanned while using a loyalty or bonus reward card you are contributing toward a data-base that can help marketers determine:
Researchers designing survey questionnaires should remember a variation of Murphy's Law, "If it can be misinterpreted, it will be misinterpreted."
that is complex and something respondents may be unfamiliar with.
In questionnaire design, a question such as "When will the technology exist to allow humans to live on Mars" suffers from the problem of a question:
The Marketing Research Process follows five steps, and in order to be effective they must be followed in order without omitting any.
differentiated its product
In the classic example of segmentation strategy, years ago Swift Meat Company transformed turkey meat into "Butterball" turkeys. In the process, the company:
market segments
Alex has found that investment real estate buyers and residential real estate buyers both respond positively to his marketing communication message. Alex has identified ____________ that respond similarly to his marketing efforts.
Golden Years Vitamin Corporation targeted consumers living in Florida who were over 50. Golden Years was using _______________ segmentation.