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Lend-Lease Act
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From 1955 to 1956, black workers, of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, boycotted the segregation of Montgomery Bus System. This resulted in whites carpooling their household workers, exposing them to the black lifestyle. This caused sympathy towards blacks which increased Civil Rights support and bus systems desegregated.
Due to soviet union increasingly nuclear influence and weapons, President Truman approved the National Security Council document in 1950. The policy called for an increase in nuclear bombs; hydrogen bombs and a 2 million man army for safety was put together. nothing happened but significant during cold war just in case soviet union called on U.S. - safety precautions
In 1935, the first act was put in place to keep American involvement out of WWI making it illegal for businesses to trade with countries in WWI. In 1937, the policy is revised to help assist victims of the war. The significance of the acts put the U.S. not actively involved in the war, but helping the Allies - futuristically Lend-Lease 1942.
In the 1920s, the Secretary of Interior, Albert Fall, leased government (Navy) oil reserves to private oil companies, hosting "kick-backs," making a profit. The underground took place in Teapot Dome, Wyoming and Elk Hill, California. The result of these scandals sent Fall to federal prison for one year and he had to pay a fine. Albert Fall was the first cabinet official sent to federal prison.
Triangle Shirtwaist FireIn 1911, 146 women workers were killed during the Asch Building fire., due to windows nailed shut, main entrance doors opening in, and not any fire escapes. The result of this tragedy was National Building Codes issued fire escapes to be built, doors to open out and windows not be nailed closed along other codes.psych adsin the 1920s, these ads were displayed to create demand using psychology to sell products successfully which is a modern technique used in advertising for stimulus and response. KDKA was the first radio commercial station, ever, to use this type of advertisement.KDKAIn 1920s, this was the first commercial radio station. The company made their money using psych ads to sell products and ideas, the radio commercial station eventually started the radio industry.