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2. adjust level/therapy goals, target 3.level of linguistic

Besides stimulability, key word what are other criterion for selecting treatment targets

emerging of sound and phonetic placement/shaping


what child can produce with max cueing (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)

emerging of sound

correctly produced sound on10-50% of all occasions

key word-

treatment target produced in a word with 90% accuracy

phonetic placement/shaping-

teaching production of target w/manual guidance/touching them

How many targets are selected for therapy?

depends on approach you can choose-traditional approach & phonological approach

How many targets does traditional approach use

one target per session

How many targets does phonological approach use

group of sounds

Besides setting a time, what are the other 2 criteria in deciding when to adjust treatment targets

Flexibility-change target if kid gets tired and percentage work on target until mastery is achieved

name 3 additional Level of linguistic complexity besides Isolation, nonsense syllables, words

phrases,sentences, spontaneous speech

When do we switch linguistic levels?

when child achieves 70-75% on a level move him up

what are articulation goals ?

objectives to accomplish

what do goals do?

gives you direction to move on to, allows you to document progress for parents/client/insurance companies to see

Some articulation goals are family concern, personal gut feelings, normative data and name 3 more

Intelligibility, stimulability and developmental charts

These are 3 types of goals

Long term, short term and daily

Long term goals sample is

mia will be 95% intelligible in conversational speech during 3 consecutive 3 minute language samples.

Short term goals sample is

mia will correctly produce /s/ phoneme in isolation following a clinician model w/95% accuracy

What do we use with daily goals

sandwich approach-easy work at first, hard work in the middle to tax his system-easy to make child want to come back

Besides position of sound and level of complexity some other Articulation goals are:

1. sound that you are working on and Criteria- percentage of accuracy

Describe what is level of complexity within the articulation goals

in isolation, words, syllables, phrases, sentences or conversation.

Progress on each numbered goal must include these 3 elements

Baseline data, therapy approach, post data

What is baseline data

measure rate of behavior in absence of treatment

pre-therapy baselines are done

before treatment to see where to start

post therapy baselines are done

to see how much progress has been made, effectiveness of treatment

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