WWI Bingo Terms

10 terms by annabananaxoxo

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for the bingo project

Triple Entente

a WWI alliance made before the war that consisted of England, France, and Russia.

Triple Alliance

a WWI alliance made before the war that consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy

Central Powers

a WWI alliance during the war that consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire.

Allied Powers

a WWI alliance during the war that consisted of Great Britain, France, Italy, and lots more on every continent.


belief in a strong military to prepare for war and to prevent war. EX: race to have a better navy between Germany and Great Britain


Friendships between countries that are mutually beneficial. EX: Triple Alliance/Entente


control of overseas colonies (political, military, economic) EX: Great Britain and France controlled a lot of colonies overseas.


Super Patriotism- extreme arrogance and honor.

"The war to end all wars"

a quote from Woodrow Wilson, describing WWI and why America was going in to fight.


something that causes an important event to happen. EX: The assassination of Franz Ferdinand was a catalyst of WWI.

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