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a small place where trees are able to grow and where people can live with grazing animals and a few crops, usually in a desert
soil that is suitable for farming
subsistence farming
growing food to provide for the sustenance of your family
people who move from place to place searching for food and water
species no longer exist anywhere in the world
extreme dryness; not much rainfall such as the Sahara or Sahel in Africa
a wall or fortress that is built to hold back water and can be used for irrigation purposes
prepare and use land for crops and gardening
expanding deserts
Environmental issues that many Africans face are lack of water, poor soil quality and _________________
arid deserts
Parts of Africa are semi-arid, rolling grasslands, humid sub-tropical and ________________________
Nile River
used for water and transportation but overpopulation and poor sanitation regulations have made this area more difficult to live in
Aswan High Dam
provides for year-round irrigation in Egypt so farmers can grow 3 crops instead of one
Niger River
provides relief for people living in the Sahel, a vital transportation route, and rich in petroleum
Congo River
a major transportation route for people in Central Africa, it is also used to transport timber from the rainforest
"water wars"
results from an unequal distribution of water caused by one country drawing water upstream and decreasing the amount of water to countries downstream; dams can also affect the amount of water available to downstream countries
poor farming practices such as overgrazing, the destruction of trees and shrubs and little rainfall have resulted in this area of Africa; experiencing a huge problem with desertification whereby people face hunger and hadship
the destruction of trees and other vegetation; a problem in the Sahel and Tropical Rainforest resulting from overgrazing, the need for timber to supply fuel and the need for more farmland
a long period of time with little rainfall; this has really hurt the Sahel and the people who live there
tropical rainforest
a major area in Africa facing the results of deforestation; Nigeria has the fastest rate of deforestation